Tianlong company successfully developed paper aluminum-plastic six-layer co-extrusion series casting machine to produce aseptic pillows, bricks and roof-type packaging materials for milk packaging. The quality of products reached the level of similar products in the world, and solved domestic aseptic pillows, bricks and roofs. Packaging materials have always been controlled by Tetra Pak (Tylon bricks, Tetra Pak, B-type roofing bags) control and equipment materials.

Tianlong Aseptic Pillow, Brick, and Roof-type packaging materials were developed using the latest paper aluminum-plastic composite technology. Resolving the past, Tetra Pak, brick, and roof type packaging materials must be sealed when filling, the high price of filling equipment, and the impact of being sold by Sweden Tetra Pak Co., Ltd. to increase the cost of packaging.

Tianlong aseptic pillow, brick, roof type packaging materials do not use sealing strips, using multi-layer co-extrusion compound technology to solve the direct contact between paper and liquid, resulting in the problem of shortening the shelf life of liquid leakage. Plastics and plastics are used to directly weld seams. The imported and domestic bags, sterile pillows, sterile bricks, and roof-type packaging fillers can be directly filled into sterile pillows, sterile bricks, and roof packs. The domestic filling machine can also be filled with sterile pillows, bricks, and B-type roofing bags for ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilization of milk packaging. The quality of Tetra Pak pillows lasts for 45 days, and B-type roofs cover up to 8 months. Aseptic bricks for 8 months.

The successful development of Tianlong aseptic pillow, brick and roof type packaging materials challenged the situation in which Tetra Pak Co., Ltd. had monopolized China's Tetra Pak pillows, bricks, and roof packages, which had been controlled by large-scale milk production companies. The successful development of this production line has filled in the gaps in the country. It has now applied for national patents and will create better market development opportunities for large, medium and small milk beverage enterprises in China.

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