According to the information, the new material "paper steel" can be made thin, thin to less than 0.5mm thick, and can also be very thick and thick to 2 to 3cm.

"Paper Steel" is made of ultra-fine metal filament fibers mixed in pulp and made by papermaking. Can be made of "plates", can also be punched into grooved material or corrugated variety of special-shaped material. Its strength can reach more than 600kg/cm2.

Foreign "paper and steel" has a wide range of uses, such as: rail cars, houses, and the inner wall of aircraft fuselage.

The United States used "paper and steel" to create a "paper bridge" with a span of 15m and a deck width of about 3m. This bridge can be passed safely not only by pedestrians, but also by small tractors and 2.5-ton jeep.

Thin "paper steel" can be used for window sashes, tablecloths, sheets, bedspreads and other daily necessities. It has high strength and does not age.

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