After nearly a year of research, Jiangsu Sanmu Group finally succeeded in trial production of aluminum hydroxy acrylic resin BS-988-2U. After many tests in various occasions, the resin has fully met the requirements of the above coil aluminum paint. The coil aluminum industry is a rising industry in recent years. Aluminum aluminum powder coatings are used in large quantities to meet market demand. Its basic performance is as follows:

1, the solid content should be ≥ 60%;

2, the appearance should be white and transparent;

3, can be matched with any amino resin to obtain good performance;

4, acid value should be> 3mgKOH / g;

5. The T-bend performance of aluminum paint should reach 1T bend;

6, resistant to butanone scrub should be> 100 times;

7, baking temperature should be 190-210 °C, 60-90 seconds;

8, film thickness should be about 20 microns;

9, the resin viscosity is higher, the alignment of the aluminum powder is better;

10, the resin price is lower.

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