The spring rains of the past few days have made people feel upset, and the same thing is the wooden furniture in the owner's home. Every time this season, how to prevent wooden furniture from moisture has become an urgent issue. If the general household dehumidification method still can not achieve the effect that you are satisfied with, it is advisable to carry out special care according to the various corners of the home that are seriously affected. The following small series of finishing a few tricks for reference only.

Sharing home knowledge: wet rainy season furniture moisture-proof maintenance

Sharing home knowledge: wet rainy season furniture moisture-proof maintenance

Moisture symptoms: The wooden floor is slippery and there are obvious footprints on the wooden floor. Black mildew spots were found at the interface between the wooden floor and the floor line.

Moisture-proof: Ground moisture is an important cause of moisture and mildew on wooden floors. The laying of wooden floors is an important part of laying a good foundation for moisture protection. When the wooden floor is laid, it is best to use it for a while, then ask the professional to wax at home. In this way, the moisture remaining in the construction can be volatilized as much as possible, and the service life of the wooden floor can be prolonged.

Moisture symptoms: The surface of the wooden furniture forms a little water droplets. After wiping, it still can't alleviate the condensation on the surface of wooden furniture.

Moisture-proof: Today, many wooden furniture undergo a strict drying process before leaving the factory, but this does not mean that moisture-proof care can be performed infrequently. After the furniture is damp, if the situation is not serious, it should be ventilated and dried in time; if there is condensation or mildew, it is necessary to dry the water droplets first, remove the mildew with a mild cleaning agent, and then dehumidify. In addition, there is a good way to prevent moisture from wooden furniture, that is, use some water-absorbent paper or plastic paper to stick on the surface of wooden furniture. At the same time, a moisture-proof bag such as a desiccant can be placed inside the furniture to absorb moisture.

Tip: When buying solid wood furniture, pay attention to the surface of the paint process, the paint process is covered, can alleviate the moisture of solid wood furniture.

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