Jingwei Home City - the world's largest single home city

With a cannon ring, the world's largest single-family home is built. Jingwei Hometown is located in Xianghe Furniture City, which is known as China's four major furniture trade capitals. It is located in the Bohai Economic Circle and has unique economic advantages and geographical advantages. . The completion of Jingwei Home City will be written as a legend in the Chinese home furnishing industry. Xianghe Jingxing Jingwei Home City Co., Ltd., a investor in Jingwei Home City, will also become a leader in the Chinese furniture industry.

Land area : Jingwei Home City is called the largest single-home city in the world. The planned area is 1.5 million square meters, covering an area of ​​730 acres. It takes about 60 minutes to walk back and forth in Jingwei Home City. At present, the first phase of Jingwei Home City has a building area of ​​250,000 square meters. There are 4 exhibition halls with complete infrastructure. It integrates shopping, leisure, entertainment, hotel business, warehousing and logistics. Perfect home city.

Location : Jingwei Hometown is located in Xianghe, the four major furniture trade capitals in China. It is located in the Bohai Economic Circle, only 40 kilometers away from China's political and economic center, Beijing, 60 kilometers away from Tianjin, with convenient transportation and excellent traffic conditions. . And the logistics in North China is developed. Created very favorable conditions for Jingwei Home City.

Broad market : Jingwei Home City is located in the Bohai Economic Circle of China's three major economic circles. It has a unique market advantage, covering 360 million people in North China. It has a huge consumption capacity, which also lays the Jingwei home. The city's unique market position will surely win the favor of domestic and foreign home furnishing manufacturers. Become a cornucopia of investment.

The government attaches importance to : The Jingwei Home City project has been assessed as one of the 100 key projects in Hebei Province from the beginning, and the “No. 1 Project” in Xianghe County. The home city has received the attention of relevant departments from the establishment of the foundation, the laying of the foundation to the groundbreaking. Leaders of various levels in Hebei Province and Langfang City and the leaders of the China Furniture Association, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce, and the Hebei Provincial Furniture Association have repeatedly visited the site.

Jingwei Home City is bound to become a jewel in the Chinese furniture industry, and this pearl is rising.

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