To sell products or services and sell them well, marketing is essential. Therefore, the most important issue facing the flooring company is always marketing. Enterprises must first be able to gain a foothold in the market, survive in the fierce market competition, and then consider higher-level issues such as management.

In addition, in order to comply with the development of the network era, flooring companies must do a good job in marketing e-commerce platform, which is network marketing. So what should the internet marketing of flooring companies do?

Floor companies find their strength to develop in the long run

Product quality is a prerequisite

As we all know, whether it is the terminal market or the market segment, products are the core. The product is like a pen in the hands of a literati and a gun in the hands of a soldier. It is a tool for the enterprise to open up the soil; a good product is a weapon of the gods. The development of flooring companies, and even the establishment of brands, must be based on products. As a floor dealer told the author, “Without good products, there is no good sales; without good sales, there is no way for companies to survive and compete, let alone shape the brand.”

Therefore, flooring companies should put the status of products right, and strive to build product quality. Otherwise, even if there are better channels, there will be no benefit.

Good platform is the foundation

At present, the most commonly used network marketing methods for enterprises are nothing more than three types: promotion advertisements for search engines; e-commerce websites such as to establish marketing platforms; and marketing through SNS, community, forums, etc.

Platform 1: Search Engine

Search engine advertising, the most well-known in China is Baidu. In the past, Baidu was the bidding ranking. Now it is turning to the Fengchao system. The competition for advertising space is more intense, and the advertising price is also increasing. Many SMEs complain that they can't afford search engine advertising.

Platform 2: Network flagship store

There are more and more floor sellers on e-commerce websites such as Taobao. However, many sellers are unable to obtain the top ranking due to their inability to pay high promotion fees. They are drowned in a large number of sellers and cannot be discovered by customers.

Platform 3: Portal

Posting on SNS sites, communities, or forums has the advantage of being flexible and engaging with target customers. However, many small and medium-sized flooring companies are too casual to post posts, often posting in major forums in China. This marketing method is not effective because it cannot accurately find its target users.

In fact, the use of the Internet for promotion, to minimize costs, while maximizing marketing effectiveness, must achieve accurate network marketing. Maybe some companies will be confused. Accurate marketing will inevitably require more professional technology and a more complete monitoring system. Does this mean higher costs? However, in fact, precision marketing and cost do not seem to have both, but if Choosing a good platform, both can be achieved at the same time.

How to choose a good platform is especially important. In general, a good platform choice has the following characteristics:

First of all, the professionalism of the website. In China, there are countless websites in all walks of life, and companies need to be cautious when choosing. Take the flooring industry as an example, many websites are numerous, including both in the form of companies and relying on professional markets. China Flooring Network, as the largest portal website in China's flooring industry, has decades of professional operation experience, has a broader source of information, and also better understands the needs of users, and understands how to better serve users.

Second, the content of the website. The content of the website includes two aspects: one is the layout content of the website, and the other is the user experience of the website, such as functions. The China Flooring Network, which has been constantly updated and upgraded, has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of content.

Finally, the traffic to the site. Traffic can be said to be the blood of the website. The flow is large, naturally "energetic"; when the flow is small, it is "stunned". For users, good traffic is the primary factor to consider, because only good traffic, the conversion rate is relatively large.

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