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The second ring road, which is about to open to traffic, is a beautiful scenery of Rongcheng, and it is also a convenient way for citizens to travel. Under the radiation of the new second ring's powerful capacity, whether through sexual traffic or reaching a vehicle, there is a smooth and efficient choice. Just inside and outside the Second Ring Road, there are just a few excellent home stores and businesses in Chengdu. The opening of the new second ring is bound to bring great access and shopping convenience to consumers. The distance between the spaces cannot be changed, and the shortening of the distance between the home storage-store-citizen-home is a step by step to create a comfortable home life.

Jinsha Home Business Circle

The Jinsha area has convenient transportation and a large flow of people. The emergence of B&Q, Chuangmei Home and some home-run stores has emerged. The area can be reached from the second ring road into the direction of the three rings of Wenli. With the full opening of the Second Ring Road and Supo Road, Chuangmei Home (Jinshadian) and Bai'anju Jinshadian located between the Second Ring Road and the Third Ring Road will inevitably have certain transportation advantages. After the completion of the reform of the radiant ray, plus the opening of the Second Ring Road, whether it is from the north or the south, it can be reached quickly through the Second Ring Road, and it is a straight line from the east.

Red card home business district

The Red Star Macalline, which is adjacent to the Second Ring Road, is undoubtedly the representative of the Shuangnan Home Business Circle. The Red Star Macalline Shuangnan Shopping Mall is located at No. 6 West Section of the Second Ring Road. The Jialing Shopping Center is located at No. 9 Jialing Road. Outside the second ring road formed a "welcome welcome" layout. According to the person in charge of Red Star Macalline Chengdu, Red Star opened a home store in the country, many of which are built around the ring line. For example, there are 3 stores on the 4th Ring Road in Beijing and 2 stores on the 5th Ring Road. Shopping is very convenient."

The reporter visited the Red Star Macalline Shuangnan Shopping Mall, which is close to the Red Card Building Interchange on the Second Ring Road. The merchants are full of expectations for the new second ring that will be opened to traffic. “The traffic is getting better and better, more consumers are willing to come, of course we are of course It is understood that the citizens who come to the Shuangnan shopping mall from the south of Chengdong City can advance along the Second Ring Road with an exit to the lower ring line; the citizens coming from the west of the city can make a turn in the red card building interchange; the citizens coming from the city north city also You can go to the store along the old route. “We have more than a thousand free parking spaces, which is enough for the customers who come to the store to quickly go to the store and rest assured!” According to the person in charge of the Red Star Macalline Shuangnan Shopping Mall, after the formation of the Second Ring Road Loop, the radiation capacity of the mall will reach 10 -15 km range, greatly enhance the influence of the store, many high-quality on-site services can also be achieved better and faster. It is reported that after the opening of the new second ring, the shopping express train of Red Star Macalline will still be opened, and the store will also hold a series of home promotions covering the whole city, so that the citizens can enjoy the beauty of home life.

In addition to the Red Star Macalline, the Taipingyuan Furniture Plaza along the Red Cross Building, the Bayi Furniture City and other home markets will undoubtedly benefit. In addition to the rapid access to the Third Ring Road, the opening of the Second Ring Road has also enabled many citizens to have a quick access path.

Rennan Home Business Circle

The opening of the new second ring road has a convenient and convenient effect for the home store in the Nannan home business district. The Xinnan business district in the district has many home stores such as IKEA, Fusenmei Home. According to the person in charge of the IKEA Chengdu shopping mall, according to IKEA statistics, 70% of the citizens who go shopping in IKEA are self-driving. For IKEA, which is adjacent to the inside of the third ring, the opening of the second ring will greatly ease the direction of the Third Ring Road. When you come to the car peak, shopping and parking will save you time and worry. Fusen·Mei Home Building Materials and Furniture Two MALLs are located in Xinnantiandi, which is a great place for citizens to purchase home products. They believe that after the formation of the new second ring through the traffic flow, the shopping citizens will not only choose the Third Ring Road, but also get closer and faster from the second line of the Second Ring Road - Renmin South Road - Tianfu Avenue. Located in the aviation road area of ​​Rennan Home Business Circle, Bai'anju Kehua Store, Haobainian Home and other home stores, close to the Second Ring Road, access to the Second Ring Road is very convenient. With the opening of the Second Ring Road, the home market in the area will usher in new development opportunities.

Chengbei Home Business Circle

The new space · US Shell Decoration City North Gate flagship store is located at the intersection of the North Second Ring Road and Jiefang Road, and guards the city north out of the city, occupying an important position in the north of the city. As the new second ring is completed and opened to traffic, the traffic bottleneck problem at the storefront will be greatly improved. Qian Shanshan, general manager of the new space decoration, said that Chengdu New Space Decoration Co., Ltd. combined with its own advantages and the brand new material store to establish the "new space · beautiful shell" decoration city north gate flagship store, its "saving money, worry, effort and more time-saving "The business idea, with the opening of the new second ring, will be more suitable for the fast-paced life trend of modern urban people.

The Fushenmeimei City North Building Materials Headquarters, located outside the Chuanshan Interchange on the Third Ring Road in the north of the city, is equally affected by the benefits of the new second ring. According to Wu Baolong, deputy general manager of Fusen Meimei, many people who visit Fusen will choose to visit Fusen's three major stores. Soon after, the citizens will be able to cross the Chengdu North and South through the fast-track function of the Second Ring Road. It will be easier and more time-saving to visit Fussen one day.

Chengren Road Home Business Circle

For a long time, Chengren Road has always been a hot spot in the home market. From the earliest smashing sofa factory to the now-current home Chengdu Liuli shop, from home production to home circulation, Chengren Road is constantly completing the industry upgrade. The opening of the new second ring will mark the “double fast era” of Chengdu Liulidian, the home of the real estate in the area. Located in the Chengdu Real Estate next to the Liuli Interchange, it has the advantage of the strong geographical area of ​​the International Chengnan and Jinjiang Creative Parks. It is close to Xinchengren Road and can be quickly accessed along the Third Ring Road. After the opening of the Second Ring Road, it will be more convenient no matter which direction to the home. After the Second Ring Road to Wanda Plaza Jinhua Store, you can reach the Chengdu Liulidian Hotel in the direction of the Third Ring Road via Jinhua Road, about 5 minutes drive away. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Zhang Wei Jiang Tao Zeng Ting Guo Jingjing Huang Liqin

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