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"Children's Day" is about to come, and parents are busy buying gifts for their children. However, there are also many pitfalls in the purchase of children's products. Behind the seemingly cute and beautiful products, quality problems and security risks are also worrying.

Children's toys: careful purchase of logos

It is understood that the National Certification and Accreditation Administration has implemented the new 3C certification (compulsory product certification system) rules since January 1, 2011, requiring toy products to have obvious 3C certification marks. During the "3.15" period this year, the toy market in Shanghai was still exposed to the situation of three products. When purchasing toys, consumers should pay special attention to the 3C certification mark of the product, and can log in to the 3C certification inquiry system of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration according to the information on the product to distinguish the authenticity. In addition, consumers should try to buy toys in regular places such as large supermarkets and stores to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

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In addition to product quality, parents should also pay attention to whether there are safety hazards in toy accessories. Whether the parts on the plush toy (such as the nose, buttons, etc.) are easy to fall, the trademark and safety warning signs are complete. At the same time, parents must pay attention to the fact that children should not be allowed to open the plush toy bag separately, so as to prevent the child's head from being stuck in the bag or wrapped in the bag.

Online shopping for children's food: low price behind the inferior quality

Today, many young parents are beginning to explore online resources to buy imported children's food. This "June 1" festival has not yet arrived, but there has been a small blowout in the online sales of children's food.

Take a brand of foreign milk powder sold online as an example. More than 2,000 sellers selling this product on Taobao almost all have the words “authentic purchase”, and many stores are selling well. But is the so-called "authentic purchase" credible? At present, the State Customs has imposed stricter restrictions on the number of goods entering the customs through mailing, personal carrying and other channels. Mr. Tang, who has been engaged in the purchasing business for several years, analyzes that these baby foods are most likely to be returned by the members of the tour group, or the containers are transported to Hong Kong and the local “water passengers” are brought in and so on. But these channels are extremely limited and should not be enough to support such huge sales on Taobao.

Purchase reminder

Poor prices in online shopping may hide traps, and some imported foods without Chinese labels should be carefully purchased. In the case that it is impossible to determine the authenticity of online food, it is still necessary to choose food imported through regular channels. Mothers need to remember: do not be inferior in low prices.

Stationery: Be wary of products that have been scented

In addition to children's toys , there are also many quality problems with stationery. In order to attract the attention of students, some manufacturers often apply a layer of colorful paint or add spices to make special stationery. According to the test, the synthetic perfume contained in the fragrance stationery often has toxic substances such as formaldehyde component and benzene organic solvent, especially some crayon-stained stationery such as crayon, watercolor pen and correction fluid. The organic solvents volatilized when using these stationerys are easily inhaled into the body, and may cause dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and even cause blood diseases. In severe cases, liver and kidney functions may also be affected.

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For the health of the child, parents should be wary of choosing stationery that has been fragrant. Children's living habits should also be corrected in time. Some students have bad habits of biting when using stationery. At this time, the toxic and harmful substances hidden in the stationery can easily enter the body through these behaviors of the child, causing chronic lead damage to the body, and diseases such as anemia and diarrhea.

Baby clothing: carefully selected B, C

Your baby's skin is very delicate, so parents should pay more attention to their choice of clothing. The clothing label is marked with three categories A, B and C, and the latest implementation of the National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specification clearly stipulates that infant clothing under 3 years old must meet Class A standards. Class A textiles are more stringent than Class B and Class C textiles in terms of formaldehyde content, pH value, and color fastness level. Therefore, children's clothing of Class B and C should be carefully selected, and it is not suitable to use B-type and C-type textiles (adult underwear, bed sheets, etc.) into small clothes, diapers and other baby products for infants and young children within 24 months.

Purchase reminder

The Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau reminds parents to pay attention to three points when purchasing children's clothing. First, pay attention to the label. Children's clothing with unclear product labeling and alterations should not be purchased. Second, smell the taste, do not buy clothing with musty, petroleum, gasoline, kerosene, aromatic hydrocarbons and other odors. Third, pay attention to the decorations on the clothes. Children under the age of 3 often habitually send small items to the entrance. Therefore, children's clothing with excessive decorations such as plastics, metals, and wood products should be purchased with caution. Even if you want to buy, always check if the decorations on the clothing are nailed.

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