Marken introduced the latest SMARTDATE 5 electronic thermal smart coder (also known as thermal transfer coder). As a new generation of digital thermal transfer printers, SMARTDATE 5 guarantees maximum uptime and maximum flexibility. The new SMARTDATE 5 thermal transfer printer is unique in its structure and easy to operate. User-friendly interface design leads its performance to a new level. Its flexible and reliable design allows customers to complete the transition from connected to intermittent within 5 minutes and complete the conversion from left to right in one hour. In addition, the installation of Macken patented shutters enables customers to get the fastest printers available today.

At the same time, the digital ribbon management (DRM) system used in SMARTDATE 5 has no mechanical wear parts, it allows smaller spacing between printed content and saves more ribbon. Its simple and solid part design makes repair and maintenance faster, and the simple and stable structure means that the replacement of parts is no longer a long and complicated process.

Source: Packaging Machinery

UPVC Casement Windows provides you with highly durable and stylish hinged door profiles. These profiles come with studs inside the reinforcement chamber which keeps the metal reinforcement profile away from touching the outer wall of the UPVC profile. The sash and frame profiles are designed to accept all kinds of accessories in the market. Metal reinforcement chambers are scientifically designed to withstand high wind load and to accept standard steel or aluminum profiles in the market.

We use CONCH brand profiles

Profile 45° stitching technology to make perfect joint

EPDM rubber for anti-aging, well sealant & noise reduction

CCC tempered glazing

Muti-point lock system

UPVC casement windows

Upvc Casement Windows

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