A major breakthrough for Sidel's new generation of SBO universalTM blow molding machines is a reduction of up to 20% in the blowing cost of PET bottles compared to SBO Series2 equipment.

Sidel's new generation of SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machine condenses the results of three years of arduous research and development. The research and development goal is to complete the production of plastic bottles from 0.25 liters to 3 liters in various specifications. Validate and improve new manufacturing solutions. The SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machine increased productivity by 23% while reducing operating costs by 25%, resulting in a 20% reduction in blow-molding costs.

Sidel's new generation of SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machine with multiple functions

1. Blowing machine for a variety of packaging lines

Whether it's pure water or natural gas-containing mineral water, carbonated beverages, or volatile beverages, sauces or detergents, Sidel's SBO universal blow molding machine can handle all plastic packaging products, namely liquid foods. The challenges brought about by the production environment with non-food liquids.

2. Solutions that offer a variety of packaging technology challenges

In addition to the production of standard bottles, Sidel's SBO universalTM machine can also produce specially designed bottles, such as the use of thermal resistance (HR) process for the production of hot-filled bottles, and the use of priority heating (CP) process Produce flat or complex shaped bottles. The SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machine produces the most varied shape of plastic bottles for all types of applications.

3. The machine offers a variety of performance

Like the Series 2+, the SBO universalTM blow molding machine is designed to produce 0.25-liter to 3-liter bottles on standard mold cavities. In addition, these machines can also be specially configured to produce bottles as large as 5 or 6 liters.

4. One bottle blowing machine can be used for both PET and PP

The new generation of SBO universalTM blow molding machines can be used to produce PET or PP bottles without changing their configuration, and both bottles can be produced with similar productivity.

Analysis of factors that can increase production capacity up to 23% with SBO universalTM blow molding machine

1. Output rate increased by 12.5% ​​to 1800 b/h/m

Thanks to the development of new kinematic mechanisms and new heating furnaces with a spacing of 40 mm that keep heating time, Sidel now has an output rate of 1800 b/h/m for many types of bottles. At the same time as the equipment is being transformed, new designs have also been adopted for preforms and finished bottles. In addition, the manufacturing process has also been adjusted to accommodate higher speeds. All of these factors together lead to an overall increase in productivity to 1800 b/h/m.

2. Faster maintenance time by 25%

The SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machine is equipped with a new polished aluminum casing to provide greater functionality. The introduction of the furnace door opening and the new blowing wheel frame make it easier for the operator to access the machine system for maintenance. The new maintenance-free components and the improved maintenance plan also reduce maintenance time. This series of new improvements has accelerated equipment maintenance time by 25%.

3. Bottle conversion time is accelerated by 20%

The new patented mold base design together with the new telescopic stopper without fastening device helps to shorten the bottle changeover time. Finally, all feeder parameters and preform specifications are stored in the process parameter settings so that production can be restarted faster.

4. Ensure high product yield

The new preform feeding design avoids low load production and increases the blowing machine's output by at least 2%. The recirculating conveyor belt prevents the preforms from clogging each other. The guide roller design is novel. If the preforms are clogged or have too many, they will It exits automatically and is then returned to the hopper via a built-in endless belt under the guide roller. The new automatic control device on the blowing machine controls the feeding of the preform roller through the loop to control the speed of the guide roller, while the lifting column maintains the normal number of preforms fed by the blowing machine. The new machine program controls downtime, thus ensuring production safety and reliability.

5. Quality of bottles with the highest scrap rate 0.1%

Sidel has made significant progress in the thermal regulation of preforms. The radiant furnace design allows the Sidel blow moulding machine to produce high quality bottles with excellent repeatability and stability of the heating curve. In addition, the built-in preform inspection module (optional) and inline bottle quality control (optional) further enhance the system's functionality. The flexibility of the heating of the equipment and its ability to fully control the production parameters extend the process. It also increases the mechanical strength of the bottles, allowing the production of lighter containers.

The SBO universalTM Plastic Bottle Blower Reduces Operating Costs by 25%

1. Reduced air consumption

The new blast station reduced the air volume in the blast due to a 27% reduction in the dead zone in the air line. The air circulation option included with the flowmeter saves at least 15% of the air consumption. Moreover, the development of special bottle shapes makes it possible to blow bottles at low pressure. As a result of these improvements, customers can reduce the size of air compressors, thereby reducing the overall purchase price by about 15%.

2. 15% reduction in power consumption

Even if the production speed is increased to 1800 b/h/m, the heating time of the preform remains basically unchanged due to the adoption of a new heating furnace with a spacing of 40 mm and no additional heating power. The new heating zone regulation system (all settings for all furnace luminaires, and the layout of each luminaire is completely controlled by the PCC) contributed to an average reduction in power consumption of approximately 15%. A measuring device is built into the system, which measures the power consumption during the production of the blower. The system then displays the measurement results on the HMI screen.

3. Manpower required for machine operation is reduced

In addition to the new chassis that make the system more accessible and effective, the new control station of the machine is also more user-friendly and intuitive. It is equipped with a 17-inch screen and XP interface, simplifies the operation of the blowing machine, production quality and process supervision, production tracking, machine setup and maintenance. Because the new equipment comes standard with the EIT system, automatic tracking of production and downtime is achieved, and the cause of the downtime can be analyzed, so that the system can quickly resume operation.

4. Maintenance reduces the cost of parts used

The new generation of SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machines ensures low maintenance and low cost parts. The new maintenance-free components help improve the efficiency of the maintenance plan and reduce the downtime of the machine. New motion mechanisms with smaller inertia and less mechanical stress, new blast stations, new transfer arms, and new air swivel joints all reduce planned maintenance downtime.

5. Shrinkage of space

Since the power distribution cabinet is built into the heating furnace, the overall size of the blowing machine is significantly reduced. The new preform dispenser is also more compact. With more space, customers can add additional equipment, or use this location near the machine to store mold cavities and custom accessories.

6. Variety of options

From process to maintenance, energy consumption, and processing accessories, Sidel has now developed fully-featured options tailored to the specifications of your bottle. These options will optimize production performance and produce high-quality bottles at low cost. There are also options that increase production flexibility and hygiene.

The benefits of the entire packaging line

The production volume of the SBO UniversalTM blow molding machine increased by 2%, which means that the entire packaging line has a higher output. The blowing machine's production speed is now increased to 1800 b/h/m, which allows the user to choose a smaller blowing machine while keeping the output rate unchanged and reduce the overall investment cost of the packaging line. Moreover, compared with other equipment on the packaging line, the bottle-changing time of the bottle blowing machine is generally the longest, but this time has been shortened, thus shortening the bottle-type conversion time of the entire packaging line. The new equipment consumes less gas, so customers can choose smaller compressors to further reduce investment costs. If purchased as a Combi blow-fill-seal tripler, the SBO UniversalTM machine can also achieve greater productivity with integrated solutions for blowing, filling, and capping.

Source: Industry Packaging Solutions

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