1 If the shape of the product to be printed is not rectangular, then single or multiple side-by-side arrangements often result in wasted paper. In this case, consider whether it is possible to put two or more products together, sometimes You also need to adjust the position of the paper tray flap on the paper tray to make it more compact. In order to achieve the purpose of saving paper.

2 in the printing process. About 1cm wide paper edge is not printed. In the case of very tense paper sheets, we must make full use of this white border width of 1cm. You can adjust the layout of the layout. Place the blank part of the packaged product or the part that sticks to it inside the mouth, and fully utilize the white border to achieve the purpose of saving paper.

3 In the multicolor printing, the rule line is indispensable, and the rule line usually uses a crosshair and is placed at a position other than the finished product size. In the case of tension in the paper format, you can change the crosshair to a D-line and place it close to the finished product. If the sheet is very tense, or for post-press processing, the size of the paper used for printing is exactly the size of the finished product. You can also place the rule line on the finished product and it will be glued inside and folded inside. Or place the rules line where you will be die-cut.

The number of 4 spells must be taken into consideration in consideration of the specifications of the printing press used (including the maximum printing size and the minimum printing size), the number of printing, and the price of the printed paper. Although the increase in the number of prints can reduce the number of prints, but it will increase the cost of film production, increase the difficulty of debugging ink and registration before printing, and increase the loss of test paper. When the total number of prints is small, increasing the number of spells is often not economical. When the total number of prints is large, the production cost generally depends mainly on the consumption of paper. Therefore, the number of spells and how to make a make-up mainly consider how to save paper.

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