One can only enter the box size, you can get box-shaped unfolded drawings and related dimensions of software, has now been developed by the Tianjin University of Science and Technology School of packaging Duan Ruixia under the guidance of Professor Sun Cheng successfully developed. The use of this system has made it easy to work with previous experience and expertise. For example, to design a general tray folding tray with a length of 100mm, a width of 80mm, a height of 50mm, a cardboard thickness of 1mm, and other structures without requirements, the operator runs the non-tubular part of the folding tray system and selects " The "Disc box" icon on the submenu or toolbar of the disc tray enters the disc cartridge drawing module. Input vertical and horizontal coordinate values ​​directly in the input box, according to the need to modify the basic parameters of the disc cartridge - length, width, height, paper thickness (can also set special parameters, such as the length of the upper end of the carton and The height of the middle part of the carton, you can get an intuitive box figure.

The TUST-PAK system fully considers various problems that may be encountered in the process of use and places where errors may be made during the writing process, and adds error handling during the design process. In case of incorrect input, a special prompt will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog box to remind the user to modify the correct parameters. After confirming the correct input, the flat development of the paper tray can be output. If this map is different from what you need, you can also use AutoCAD's drawing and editing functions to continue to modify the output map.

Source: China Packaging News

Tensioner is used to fix and tighten the strap before sealer snap the seal and cut the strap after sealing. It has separate the tension and sealing to tensioner and sealer which is more easy for operation. They can be used widely in many industries such as paper, wood packing, stone packing, steel pipe packing, glass packing and so on. 

Hand Plastic Strapping Machine

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