In the past, the understanding of color was mostly emotional, unknowable, and mysterious. The software of the computer changed the color to be absolutely distinguishable, digital, and configurable. Of course, the feeling of color also needs long-term training to achieve a degree of specialization, that is, the ability to grasp the laws of color.

In theory, the computer's color deployment should be absolutely accurate, but in practice, the results of each software, screen display, and different printers are not the same, and we still need to try. The color of the "palette" displayed on the screen must not be confined. The display range of light and color is not coincidence, and the result of printing must be seen and adjusted.

Physiologists studied the various effects of light and color on our visual organs—the eye and the brain (part).

Psychologists studied the influence of color on our mind and spirit and the symbolic power of color.

To sum up, on the one hand, it is the "function" of designing colors. It has both physical and psychological influences on people, focusing more on "feeling"; on the other hand, it is the "association" of design colors, which can make people produce concrete Or abstract association, this influence is more emphasis on "thinking."



Red is the longest wavelength in visible light and the color that is most noticeable. In a large red environment, the heart rate will increase, which is a physiological effect. Red makes people feel full of inner warmth. In a round red scene, children may think of the sun and the apple in concrete terms. Blood red, adults will think of patriotism and revolution.

In terms of performance, the movement of red to yellow or blue is sensitive. It can form the basic characteristics of orange and rose red but without losing its red; under the background of yellow-green, the red has a strong and unpredictable feeling. Under the brown background, there will be dry and burning effect.

When red and yellow light come together, it produces a moving, lively hue. The redness of the face means anger or excitement. Red-orange is a thick, opaque color, and the red warmth is strengthened into a flame-like force in red and orange. Red-orange light promotes the growth of plants and the function of the body. Proper contrast can make red-orange a power of excitement. When contrasted with black, red-orange will burst out with its greatest, unconquerable, superhuman enthusiasm. Red is different from yellow. It is rich in transposition because it can make extensive changes between cold and warm, fuzzy and clear, light and dark, without destroying its red characteristics. From the wicked red-oranges that appear on the black bottom to the sweet sweet angelic pinks, red can show all intermediate effects between evil and sublime.

Red has become the most worshipped and favorite color of primitive humans. Some people in the modern world still maintain a general and strong preference for red. After the fire was mastered by mankind and used to benefit mankind, the meaning of light, warmth, happiness, etc. was associated with red. Based on these experiences in the natural world, yellow shadows, purple rays, blue-green flares, and red-orange iced water are all effects that are clearly contradictory to experience. Red has a richer sense of emotion and symbolism. Such as the rich and lively led by the rays of light, from the red flowers lead beautiful, beautiful, from the child's face and apple to love, health, from exorcism to avoid aggression turned to auspicious, festive, from blood to descent, blood, and then turn into close With sincerity, such as the words “Chengcheng” and “Chuzi”, they have also shown friendship and unity, such as the red carpet in many countries' welcome ceremonies. They are more noble, solemn and solemn, and inspired by the revolution, called for, Going forward ... In addition, red has the meaning of fire, danger, alertness and so on. Countries in the modern world generally use red signals to indicate traffic hazards, prohibition of notifications, etc., and are marked with red in "electricity," "danger," and "non-smoking."


Purity blue should be a kind of color that does not contain yellow or red components, but in colorology, the color that contains the appropriate red color is blue, and the purity blue is blue. From the perspective of tangible space, blue is always negative because red is always positive. However, from an intangible spiritual point of view, blue appears to be positive while red is negative. Blue is always cool, and red is always warm. Blue is a shrinking, introverted color. Red is often associated with blood and blue is often associated with the nervous system. When all forces that promote germination and growth are hidden in darkness and silence, blue becomes a force that reflects such things as winter nature. Blue is always shadowy and tends to darkness with its own maximum energy. It is an elusive thing, but it appears as a transparent atmosphere. In the atmosphere of the Earth, from the brightest sky-blue sky to the deep blue-black night sky, it can be expressed in blue. Blue summons our spirits to the fibrillation of faith into infinite spiritual realms. Blue means faith for Westerners and immortality and simplicity for Chinese people. When the blue is blurred, it breaks into superstition, fear, suffering and demise, but it always points to the field of indifference.

The blue on the black ground flashes with a bright, pure power. In the dark where ignorance and ignorance prevail, pure and faithful blue shines like the light coming from afar. If we put the blue on the bottom of the burgundy, the blue will show flinching, emptiness and incompetence. The purplish red will take away all the meaning from the blue, because the purplish red has a bigger " The material power of actual faith, when the purple is darkened, the blue will regain its glory. On the dark brown bottom, blue is excited into a strong, trembling trembling color, while brown is awakened to a vivid color. The power of blue revives the dead brown. The blue on the bottom of red and orange maintains its dark image.

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