PageMaker is a groupware version of Adobe that supports two International Color Consortium (ICC) compliant systems: the Kodak color management system on the Macintosh and Windows platforms and the Color Sync2.x standard on the Macintosh platform.

PageMaker's color management system manages colors applied to PageMaker objects, colors in RGB bitmap images, and special colors in EPS files. Color management of RGB screen images in a CMYK TIFF file enables output to a color mixing and proofing device. The revised color, but also since the change of a CMYK TIFF target formal output device. Cannot perform color management on DCS, WMF, and PICT files.

Let's introduce the opening and closing controls of the PageMaker Color Management System (CMS).

1. Open the color management system

When using the PageMaker to open the CMS, the system will perform corresponding spatial changes and transfer of the transmitted color information in various aspects such as input, display, color separation and printing, in order to minimize color distortion. When opening the CMS, other CMS systems should be turned off, otherwise there will be confusion results.

(1) Select "File/Custom Format/General".

(2) Click on "CMSPreferences".

(3) Select "Open" from the "Color Management" drop-down menu.

(4) Click "OK" to open the color management system.

2. Turn off the color management system

(1) Turn off the color management system as a whole

A. You can turn off the color management system as a whole under the following conditions:

1 Do not use bitmap images and only use special colors in publications.

2 Use only color-processed CMYK color images.

3 Import only includes graphics that contain only process color DCS files and EPS files.

4 Use a post-processing application to create a separation of publications.

B. Steps to turn off the color management system as a whole:

1 Select the "File/Custom Format/General" command.

2 Click the "CMS Settings" button.

3 Select Off from the Color Management drop-down menu.

4 Click the OK button.

(2) Partially closed color management system

When you do not want to manage the color of a particular image, you can turn off the color management of the image file, allowing the color information of the file to pass through the CMS without having to change. The color information is still useful for the output device, but it is not managed by PageMaker's CMS.

A. Partially turn off the color management system in the following situations:

1 Create a CMYK TIFF image file in image processing software, such as Photoshop, and direct the image to a formal output device.

2 Images are color-separated by directional device features, and layout and positioning are set using only low-resolution images.

B. Steps to partially turn off the color management system:

1 Select the image.

2 Select "Components/Images/CMS Sources".

3 Select None from the This Item Uses drop-down menu.

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