Piemme, based in Turin, Italy, recently introduced a new series of circular press die cutting machines. The company's machine, which uses the top printing principle, is now equipped with a new container type squeegee ink supply system. This solution is specifically designed to ensure high-speed production. The 618 printing department is equipped with a new ink supply system, and each printing unit can install no more than 3 kilograms of ink. The automatic ink cleaning system uses hot water, so the entire cleaning process can be completed within three minutes.

This kind of printing die-cutting machine adopting the bottom printing principle is now equipped with a servo motor system to control the working speed of the die-cutting machine. The die-cutting section is equipped with a quick die mounting device and a vacuum-absorbing cardboard conveying system is used throughout the printing section. All of these innovative rotary die-cutting circular die-cutting machines are available in a variety of models, the largest being a super-large machine with a width of 5 meters and capable of handling seven layers of corrugated cardboard.

Grill pans provide a great way to mimic the experience of outdoor grilling. They`re especially useful for people who live in apartments. However, using a Grill Pan is different than cooking with regular stovetop pans. There are several things you need to do so your food cooks properly and has char marks and a grilled taste. Ultimately, by preparing your pan and food, taking steps to properly gill your food, and seasoning and storing your pan, you`ll be able to use your grill pan to its full potential.

grill pan

grill pan

Pressed Grill Pan

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