The tie-in belt retraction band binding mechanism includes a motor, a conveying device, a transmission device, and a tightening force adjustment device, and the output shaft of the motor is connected to the conveying device through the transmission device. The conveying device includes a transmission wheel driven by the transmission device, a roller equipped with an eccentric shaft and matched with the conveying wheel, and a binding wheel between the conveying wheel and the worktable surface, the rubber roller and the conveying wheel, the conveying wheel Cooperate with the stopper around the binding wheel to form a conveying channel of the propelling belt; the tightening force adjustment device includes a cam-driven pressure rod and a binding force adjustment spring connected between the compression rod and the frame, and the compression rod One end of the roller is fitted with the eccentric shaft of the roller. The binding mechanism is suitable for a variety of different thicknesses of the packing tape, and can be used by various semi-automatic or fully-automatic strapping machines, and the work is reliable.

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