The system can be used to process foamed polypropylene roof linings and noise reduction barrier materials. According to different production capacities, single-machine extrusion or tandem extrusion can be used; depending on the product density requirements, different types of environmentally friendly blowing agent systems such as butane or carbon dioxide can be used. The melt cooling section of the extruder is designed to ensure the harsh temperature conditions required for polypropylene foaming. The specially designed blown film die can adjust the wall thickness specifications of products without stopping the machine. The unique flow channel design and tolerance adjustment system can achieve excellent product extrusion precision and surface quality. Specifications are:
● Product width: 1500mm;
● product thickness: 1.5 ~ 5.0mm;
● Density: 50-350kg/m3;
● Production capacity: 100~800kg/h.

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