The UV-138N cover oil recently launched by Hangzhou Kewang Special Ink Co., Ltd. is a light yellow transparent oil. Compared with the common volatile drying cover oil, UV light quickly cures at low temperature, has a small odor, does not clog, and does not contain volatile. Organic solvents, no pollution to the environment. The cured film has good flexibility and elasticity, and the organic components in the cured film can rapidly decompose and gasify during the baking at a high temperature (400-500°C) without leaving ash. The screen mesh number is 200-300, curing conditions: 80 W/cm high-pressure mercury lamps, 10-15 m/min.

UV Glass/Ceramic Thixotropic Varnish UV-136N is solvent-free, excellent in thixotropy, and has good firing properties. When used, it can be directly mixed with UV varnish and glass/ceramic pigments. High, no need to heat and dry after printing, for large area, multi-color overprint, can highlight the advantages of UV varnish, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Reprinted from: Screen Printing



PVC/ Polyester Hood with High Visible Reflective Safety Rain Coat


Color:Yellow or any other customized

Thickness: 0.30mm; 0.32 mm

Size: S-XXXL


Description: 1.Thickness: 0.26mm or 0.35mm available

           2.100% water proof, Economy- Intended for One Time   Use  or Reusable

           3. With reflective tape

           4.Heat-sealed seams to ensure a waterproof fit

             Storm front with plastic snaps for the jacket

Application :A must for Emergencies, Breakdowns, Sports / Music Events, Travel, Camping, Walking, Concerts and  Any Other Outdoor  Events!

Safety Rain Coat

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