In today's fierce competition for products, the quality of products is important, and the packaging of products is an indispensable part. Our philosophy is to reduce costs and increase visual effects. When people feel the space environment, they first pay attention to color, and then they pay attention to the shape of the object and other factors. The charm of color plays a decisive role in affecting people's spiritual feelings. Only when the interior color environment meets the owner's lifestyle and aesthetic taste can people feel a sense of completeness and beauty.

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Any design consists of three basic elements: shape, text, shape, quality, and color. Color is the most important visual communication element in design. It often plays a striking visual effect. I think that in the design, good color design can enhance the visual appeal of the work, giving people a new, comfortable, safe and reliable visual experience. Inappropriate color design will give the user physical and psychological adverse effects, such as: cause visual fatigue, tension, illusion and so on. Therefore, in the process of color design, we must not only consider the artistic effects of color, but also attach importance to the visual psychological effect of color. There is a very big difference between black and white works and color works. In most cases, black-and-white ash is not as effective as color in restoring objects, and it has some limitations on the style of the work. The choice of color not only determines the style of the work, but also makes the work more full and attractive.

The psychological effects of color are mainly composed of two aspects - physiological factors and psychological feelings. Physiological factors include color and sound, color and taste, color and shape; psychological factors include color hobby, color association, color symbol and so on.

Therefore, in the design of color, we should pay attention to the use of color physiology, psychology and other related scientific theories, according to the requirements of different consumers, different times, different occasions, different locations and other factors, scientific selection of colors, the correct use of color, full To develop the visual psychological effect of color and create a good color environment for people. Color can express specific, emotional, connotative, cultural, psychological and other information. It is an important way for human communication, and visual creation is inseparable from it.

People perceive color through the eyes. While perceiving the color through the visual organs, it is often accompanied by the activity of other sensory organs and the brain to generate comprehensive awareness and consciousness activities. Therefore, when we use color, we must not only rely on objective scientific knowledge, but also combine impression, memory, association, symbol, experience, and traditional habits to achieve good color effects. Some kind of self-assertion in the application of color has been recognized, followed and imitated by the general public to form a certain tendency. When this tendency becomes universal, it becomes popular.

In today's fierce competition for products, the quality of products is important, and the packaging of products is an indispensable part. Our philosophy is to reduce costs and increase visual effects. When people feel the space environment, they first pay attention to color, and then they pay attention to the shape of the object and other factors. The charm of color plays a decisive role in affecting people's spiritual feelings. Only when the interior color environment meets the owner's lifestyle and aesthetic taste can people feel a sense of completeness and beauty.

People often use colorful colors to describe the richness of the commodities we are exposed to today. However, when faced with homogenous domestic and foreign products on the market, people are more attracted to foreign products. Why? It is largely due to its beautiful harmony and rich colors. Because of this, when some foreign companies compete in the domestic market, color marketing has played an important role in the actual competition, which can be fully proved by Nokia's "color whirlwind" as a selling point. The "color marketing" strategy has been widely adopted and used abroad as a competitive means. It includes a series of related matters such as product design, product packaging, display collocation, department store layout, atmosphere creation, store design, and sales techniques. The added value to the product is enormous. Many domestic companies have realized the importance of color, and there is a huge market for color development. However, color marketing has not yet been formally launched on a large scale. The application of color from the product's color design, development, product appearance design and packaging, product display color layout display, the production environment of the color atmosphere, etc., the color visual design of the tentacles. Based on this, the China Fashion Color Association has now established a color design center, based on color, to investigate the popular colors of the society, and consider various factors such as coordination with the environment and society, and comprehensively carry out colorization. Design and matching; color is an invisible key that opens the mind of the consumer. For good quality products, even if things are no better, if you use a poor color marketing method, it is difficult for consumers to understand the true connotation of the product, let alone stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. If you use the colors that consumers do not want to convey to convey information about goods, it is hard to imagine how consumers feel. Traditional marketing techniques, including advertising, promotion of people, and prices, are all indoctrination methods, which often make the matured consumers resent, lead to misunderstandings, and adopt more prudent purchase behaviors. Color marketing in this regard shows an invisible but very effective communication function, so that consumers can naturally cause purchases. The increasingly fierce business competition, the product of the competition is often the brand of competition, and the brand and the brand in the quality and function are often unequivocal, and ultimately make it higher and often under the "Kung Fu in the goods," the external pleasing color , is also a competitiveness that can not be ignored, Nokia mobile phone's "color whirlwind" color casing, "crocodile" green, "McDonald's" red and yellow, "Kodak" golden has become a brand of product and business characteristics One is impressive.

From the analysis of the color of the product, in the 1950s after the Second World War, people longed for stability and peace. At that time, people liked the darker, quieter blue and green cold tone as the color of industrial products. After the 1960s and 1970s, people’s lives were relatively stable, and the hue gradually changed from dark to bright, from cold to warm, and monotonously varied. In recent years, with the development of the aerospace industry, people are strongly striving to reflect their strong desire for and passion for interstellar communication through product modeling colors. They like the cosmic colors such as iron gray, silver gray, and silver black that contain metallic luster.

In product design, we must focus on color issues. Color in the image of the entire product, the first to act on human visual experience, can be said to be "snapping up." If the product color is handled well, it can coordinate or make up for some deficiencies in the styling, make it blossoming, and be more perfect. It is easy to win the work mood that destroys people and makes people appear boring, boring, indifferent and even depressed. Distract the operator's attention and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, in the modeling of products, color design is an important work that cannot be ignored. The choice of color tone is crucial.

But the final decision is still in the invisible hands of the market. In fact, most of the popular colors are due to commercial factors. In the market, a group of commercial investors and designers work together to promote certain colors and create a “some color is the most popular” atmosphere; The family was affected by these colors, and the new color was born in the world. This situation is particularly evident in the fashion market. The fashion industry often leads the new color trend. Every time the fashion designer launches a new season of work, it will bring a chain reaction. Other peripheral products such as accessories, watches, backpacks, and mobile phones will be adopted. Similar shades are used to match and spread, and the colors of other items are also affected.

Color tone is the overall color feeling that industrial products have at a glance. It can be lively and lively. It can also be fine and dignified. It can also be indifferent, boring or affectionate and lively. The choice of hue should be extremely cautious. Generally, it can be determined artistically according to the purpose, function, structure, age, and user's likes and dislikes of the product. The criteria for determining the color are the same as the hue and shape, and the hue and shape are radiant. For example, the purpose and function of an aircraft is to carry passengers at high altitude and at high speeds. Therefore, the main tone of the aircraft is generally treated as high-bright silver, which makes it easy to feel the lightness and fineness of the aircraft. Consistent color, and color help shape; if, on the contrary, the aircraft painted black and gray tone, it is easy to make people wonder whether it is too heavy to fly, which is the color of the destruction of the shape. In the application of color, Marlboro is a typical case, successfully using the three principles of eye-catching, understanding and goodwill of packaging and decoration design. In terms of color application, the Marlboro cigarette box has a dark red color at the top and a pure white color at the bottom, and the trademark “MARLBORO” uses a striking black color, while the Philip Morris logo on the top of the cigarette box is bronzing. In the image, two The horse guards a golden crown, making it easy to think of the masculine beauty of the western cowboys, giving people a feeling of exquisite luxury that caters to the free, rough and heroic psychological needs of men. The determination of hue generally also refers to the following points:

(1) There is a warm effect with warm colors, and coolness with cool colors.

(2) The use of high-saturation warm colors as the main tone can make people feel stimulating and excited, and the low-sounding cool color can make people feel calm and considerate.

(3) Bright colors are light, crisp and bright, and low-key colors are deep and solemn.

In short, color tone is the color design element that dominates and unifies the global effect in the overall color perception.

Of course, color in the design process is also affected by many other factors, including the current market, environment, culture, fashion and other factors, which will affect the designer's use of color. Regardless of how "bold innovation" and "innovation" are different in color design, I think we must follow the following principles: security, visibility, and literacy. If we blindly discard all the laws of color, we may feel quite shocked visually, but often this can only achieve the effect of grandstanding. Designers are different from painters, and painters can be totally sensible. Designers need more rationality besides sensibility. Color depends on perception to convey and give people a psychological influence.

About the author: Huang Xie Male, Han nationality, Native Place: Jiangxi, banyan, year of birth: 1982.4.10, political outlook: League members, education: Bachelor's degree, degree: Bachelor of Arts degree, major: art design, specialty: drawing, sports. Computer capabilities: photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW 11. Plane related tools. Stronger in fine arts, the work “Rhythm” won the Outstanding Award in “The Guizhou Province Third Youth Art Exhibition”. His work “Convenient Times” was selected in the “Contemporary Printmaking Academic Exploration Exhibition 2002 Guiyang”, and the work “Future” was selected in the celebration of Guizhou Province. The People's Republic of China was founded in 1955 and the Tenth National Art Exhibition Selection Exhibition was also included in the book “National Colleges and Universities Fine Arts Collection”. During his school year, he was rated as an advanced member of learning. Served as Deputy Minister of Sports of the Academy of Fine Arts. In the second year of school, he joined the Guizhou Artists Association on the results.

Reprinted from: Student Papers

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