A: Gold (or silver) ink supplied on the market will be supplied separately from gold powder (or silver paste) and linking material (transfer oil or silver oil), and will be prepared by the printing house itself. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have made it available in a mixed state and can be directly printed on the machine. Metal (gold, silver) offset printing ink is mainly used for printing fine and luxurious publications and packaging paper products, trademarks, labels, etc., and is made of metal pigments, special binders and a certain amount of auxiliary materials, which are mixed and modulated. Among them, the metal pigment refers to gold powder, silver powder or silver paste, and the linking material refers to gold transfer oil (or silver oil), commonly used oil transfer varieties include 8914 offset gold, 981 gold, and 987 gold. Oil, 101 transfer oil, 46 transfer oil and 47 transfer oil.

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