In today's era of personalized consumption, how large are the "stages" provided by special printing technologies and consumables, and how big the "play" of personalized printing can be. In recent years, with the advancement of printing-related science and technology and the growth of various specialization needs, special printing technologies have developed unprecedentedly and penetrated into various fields of production and life, forming a huge market space. Moreover, with the differentiated management and individualized tailor-made as a strategic choice for many printing companies, the unique special printing technology has become an important magic weapon for printing companies to win the initiative in the market. Especially in the era of personalized consumption today, how large are the "stages" provided by special printing technologies and consumables, and how big the personalized "prints" can be performed.

Regardless of special process printing, special ink printing, special material printing, or combination printing of special processes, special inks and special materials, the technological innovation and development of special printing consumables directly restrict the development of the whole industry of special printing. . It can be considered that special printing consumables are one of the key supports for the development of special printing. The demand for external users has been boosted. There is competition in the same industry. There is also the help of technological development and innovation. The types of special consumables printed are varied and change with each passing day.

Special paper

Due to the emergence of new fields of printing and new demands for functions such as packaging design and anti-counterfeiting, the level of new functional research and development capabilities of specialty papers has become an important indicator of the competitiveness of the paper industry.

1. On-demand printing paper

The on-demand printing market will become more and more broad in the future, such as mail order advertisements, high-end product samples, company introductions, exhibition samples, and gift product samples. If we can fully consider and meet the needs of such markets, and develop corresponding on-demand printing paper products, the commercial prospects will be unlimited. The main printing methods of on-demand printers are laser printing and inkjet, corresponding to black-and-white digital printing devices (laser printers) and color digital printing devices (digital inkjet printers). The effect of laser printing needless to say, the quality of digital inkjet has also been improved to a level comparable to that of offset printing, which can be applied less than batch printing, variable digital printing, etc.

The requirement of color digital on-demand printing for paper suitability mainly includes: in the printing process, the paper-feedability, transferability and fixability of the toner, the paper-out property, and the stacking property are all up to the standard, and the output portion is to prevent wrinkling. Dry-type toner fuser, depending on the heating roller or infrared heating, can be completed instantly, but the toner and paper are exposed to 150 to 200. At the C temperature, wrinkle shrinkage and waves may occur due to changes in the water content of the paper. Therefore, the papermaking conditions are required to be able to cope with changes in the moisture content of the paper, reduce the expansion and contraction rate and residual stress at the time of drying, increase dimensional stability, and suppress wrinkling. Etc.: Color digital printing is 5 to 10 times the speed of ordinary printers. In addition to requiring stable feeding and paper feeding, it is also required to prevent static electricity and paper powder.

At present, carbon-free anti-static printing paper products for black-and-white laser printing have been developed more frequently, while the types and quality of paper products for color inkjet have yet to be improved. Can develop a digital inkjet strong glossy paper, matte paper, the gloss should reach 65%, about 6%.

2. Leading cartons of tobacco and other high-grade packaging paper

Tobacco packaging boxes have always been high-end and front-end in the carton industry. In recent years, they have become more diversified in processes, complicated in design, continuously innovated in technological processes, and have taken the lead in adopting new types of paper.

Keep the contents of the packaging paper is not odor. Currently. International has developed special packaging paper products dedicated to odor-sensitive products, such as tobacco, perfume, spirits, wine, cosmetics, chocolate, and drugs. This kind of wrapping paper uses very high-quality fibers, and is characterized by sensory identification and gas chromatography during the production process. It maintains strict tastelessness. With good printing and finishing after finishing, it can be used for bronzing, ginning, matt, sanding, die cutting, etc. It has good physical and chemical properties and visual effects, and it complements the elegance of high-end luxury goods. Domestic manufacturers have yet to find such packaging materials for research and development. With the development of China's economy, the market for luxury products is getting bigger. If you can have manufacturers to start early research and development. There will be a good market prospect

. Suitable for composite, transfer process cardboard. With the cigarette label, medicine, daily chemical, food and other industries, carton packaging is becoming more and more upscale. The application of laser effects is also increasing. Domestic and foreign manufacturers have responded to this demand. Introduced new paper products, among them. Finnish forestry Tako CXFoil folded white cardboard is based on bleached chemical pulp. Good smoothness, performance in the composite aluminum foil, transfer aluminum spray or high-speed printing process unbreakable hit Zhonghua Paper Caidie glass card to white core white card as the base paper, the cast coating processing, mirror effect is good. Suitable for composite, aluminum plating and other processes. Gravure can not afford to point.

High stiffness, high tenacity cardboard for shaped boxes. Some highly personalized cigarette packs are designed to facilitate the taking of cigarettes. The opening of the cigarette box is designed as a unique rounded corner. This design style requires the paper to have excellent high toughness, high folding endurance and high stiffness. Already manufacturers have selected high-quality paddles and used special fiber structures to make paper properties adaptable to their requirements. Such as Iggesund cardboard with four layers of fiber instead of ordinary cardboard 1 2 layers of fiber. And use different lengths of fiber with. Making the paper version not only has high toughness. Very suitable for round packaging and special packaging, and high degree of crispness, high whiteness, concave, embossing effect is very good, the unique appearance of the finished box, forming a good and does not explode ink, production speed and smooth: Ningbo Chinese white jade brand white core white Card, wood pulp fiber soft and slender. Good toughness and paper does not contain fluorescent whitening. Excellent paper formation uniformity. Flat and delicate. The printing presses have excellent suitability after finishing.

Special cardboard for luxury cartons. High-grade cigarettes, high-end cosmetics and carton packs with a collection of luxury goods reflect their distinctive style and have special requirements on paper. The manufacturers have concentrated on this aspect and are quite innovative. Hongta Yanheng Super White Single-coated white cardboard uses a special coating process. High whiteness, high gloss, smooth and delicate, flexible, suitable for all kinds of printing processing methods; Finland forestry glass paperboard is characterized by a variety of deep colors in the paper itself can be used for customers to choose or order, even if printing dark packaging The design also enables consumers to clearly see the original color of the paper, and the non-smoke box foot is white on the final package, and has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.

Anti-counterfeit cardboard. Anti-counterfeit cardboard is also a kind of actively developed product in recent years. In this regard, all the manufacturers of eight immortals crossed the sea. Such as Hongta Renheng buried fluorescent fibers in the pulp, the introduction of SBS fluorescent fiber anti-counterfeit coated white cardboard; the ancient "Winter snow" magic series of paper flashes bright spot at a temperature higher than 23. Above C, it will gradually disappear. When the temperature drops below 23°C, it gradually appears. US manufacturers have also developed anti-fake cardboard embedded with UV fibers randomly. The authenticity of products can be identified by hand-held online scanning equipment.

3. corrugated paper

Currently. Corrugated packaging to the direction of miniaturization, heavy, environmental protection, color and other development. In many new packaging fields emerge.

Miniature corrugated cardboard. Miniature corrugated cardboard since its official introduction in 1990. The use rate in Europe and the United States has been rising, except for the production of color printing boxes. It can also be used as a liner to replace traditional cushioning materials, and can also be used as a poster-type corrugated board display stand. The production scale of F楞 and G楞 continues to expand. N更, O楞 and other more sophisticated models have also begun to apply. The amount of corrugated board used in Europe has been reduced from 550-570 g/m to 510-520 g/m. Traditional field occupied by cardboard, fiber cardboard boxes. Such as drugs, alcohol, small appliances, footwear, hardware tools, microelectronics, computer software, counter sales display, fast food packaging (box) and so on. It has become the market's goal for the miniature corrugated carton (box). The domestic miniature corrugated board has just started and is limited to the production of E-cards. Variety, low grade. Vigorously promote micro-tile offset printing. It can not only make full use of the domestic four-color offset press's production capacity. And can pull the offset ink demand. The total corrugated packaging volume in the country is about 15 billion m. Such as 10% into microwatts. It can add 4,500 tons of offset ink demand. This does not include the increase in the number of offset inks driven by many new areas that Microwale is exploring.

Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. Packing cartons made from heavy corrugated cardboard. There are octagonal prismatic shapes. Some are made of octagonal shallow dish-shaped bottoms and lids, and then use adhesive structures to form heavy-duty packaging containers, or tray bottoms. The largest foreign bulk corrugated box has a diameter of 2.5m and a height of 3m. It can hold 3.45 tons of plastic granular material. The development of heavy-duty corrugated board has a broad market prospect. It can replace many of the original wood and other materials made of packaging boxes, trays, but also because of the recyclable, can be used repeatedly, in line with environmental requirements and favored. Relevant manufacturers should pay attention to R&D and application in this area. The domestic market in this area is still in the initial stage of development, and early capture of the market can yield substantial returns.

Environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard. Some countries have already put forward new requirements for food corrugated cartons for recycling cartons, reducing environmental pollution, and preventing food contamination if they cannot have wax paper or oily separation paper; they must be sealed with glue as much as possible, and PVC or other plastic tapes cannot be used. If you must use plastic tape, but also use PE/PB tape: the outer carton can not use any metal, plastic nails or clips. Only use glue to stick on all sides. and. With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness. There will be more and more countries making such requests. Therefore, research and development of new types of corrugated packaging, especially food, medicine and other packaging boxes, should fully consider and solve environmental issues as early as possible.

Color printing corrugated cardboard. The concept of display and promotion of products selected storage and packaging, activated the market demand, so that the carton transport packaging gradually developed into the sales and packaging of goods, and promoted the rise and development of offset printing machine direct printing corrugated board technology. As a result, new requirements have been put forward for box printing, facial paper, etc. The printed text patterns should be clear, beautiful, vivid, multi-colored, and strong in three-dimensional, and the facial paper will also be changed from yellow sheet to white paper and more to water-based inks. Instead of oily inks, flexographic printing is used instead of offset printing to increase the added value of goods and meet environmental protection requirements. This should be the trend for the development of microwax packaging printing in the future.

Special ink

1. Security ink

Since the anti-counterfeit printing ink has the characteristics of convenient anti-counterfeiting technology, low cost, good concealment, and vivid colors, it is widely used in the printing of various tickets, documents, trademarks, and logos. At the same time, due to the advantages of complex detection, strong reproducibility, and diverse discoloration, intelligent machine-readable anti-counterfeiting inks are the preferred anti-counterfeiting technology for banknote ticket, ticket, and trademark packaging. Divided from the security features and verification methods. Generally can be divided into: fluorescent ink, UV ink, thermal (warm) variable ink, temperature sensitive color ink, reaction color changing ink, friction color ink, infrared security ink, anti-alteration ink, invisible ink, magnetic ink, chemical encryption Anti-counterfeit ink, intelligent machine-readable anti-counterfeiting ink, multi-functional or integrated anti-counterfeiting ink (laser hologram plus fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, etc.), nano ink, other special inks (OVI light variable security ink, etc.). The common feature of these inks is to observe the color change of ink samples by implementing different external conditions to achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes.

The national defense pseudo ink technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and some technologies have caught up with and surpassed the international advanced level. However, in general, there is still a large gap between the varieties and quality and foreign advanced level. In the future, we should actively meet the market demand, focus on the combination of innovation and anti-counterfeiting measures, enhance the anti-counterfeiting technology content, adopt new anti-counterfeit materials (such as nano-materials), open up new ways of anti-counterfeiting, detection, and reduce the overall cost of anti-counterfeiting. Its anti-counterfeiting technology should not only meet the needs of public identification, but also

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