Fei Ge's Xinjiang "donkey" line reminds us of envy, and if we really want to become a super fierce "donkey", there is of course not enough impulse. It is a perfect way to get on a donkey ride like Xinjiang and Tibet to achieve a perfect trek through. Outdoor gear is absolutely a top priority. From a pair of professional hiking shoes to backpacks, jackets, sleeping bags and tents, everything is indispensable. . However, compared to these five popular parts, Feige's unique demon and strange equipment are worthy of new donkeys!

Headlights: In order to escape the fear of the cold night, in order to get both lighting and other things at the same time, the role of the headlights reflected most vividly at this time. Although there are some miners who wear the headlights, their super practicability and excitement, the expedition's wildness arises spontaneously, and it is even better for those new donkeys to fight for their faces.

Comments: The big night of Shanghai, the wonderful life may have just begun. In the wild, however, the darkness represents a danger and you are in danger. The wild winds in the wild made the sparks of the crickets vulnerable to attack. They were the only hope for the donkeys to advance by night. The convenience of flashlights accounted for the space of one hand. Only the headlights were the strong weapons that lit the wilderness. A good waterproof headlight can make you in the dark rainy night!

Trekking poles: The advantage of trekking poles is to provide better stability during personal activities, and to spread the impact force on the legs to the arms. When downhill, the knees are not using the trekking poles. The time was 22% more than using trekking poles, and the energy consumed by thigh muscles was 21% more.

Comments: The use of trekking poles has been started long ago. At that time, they were called "walking sticks" and "walking sticks." Early donkeys used trekking poles and were often joke to seize the patents of the elderly! Until the use of trekking poles was introduced in recent years, people began to use the trekking poles among the mountain friends. Even today, although it cannot be said to be a manual one, it will look more or less. The idea of ​​using trekking poles has gradually been accepted by everyone as far as trekking poles are concerned.

Gas stove: A powerful gas stove is an indispensable eating guy in the wild, light and strong. Excellent performance in cooking large amounts of food, some expandable stents, and tripods with gas cans provide extra stability.

Comments: On foot in the wild, eating hot food and boiling hot drinks is definitely a matter of enjoyment. If you come back after a tiring day to solve the food problem with dry food, it is definitely not fun. If you want to boil, you can't help but have some pots and pans floating in your mind. But if you want to bring them to the wild to draw a gourd, it's not a sweet burden. Fortunately, there is a small, but powerful, gas stove. You absolutely can not think that there are actually such small and light things that can be used to cook rice soup. This is really good.

Filter water purifier: The ultra-clean, reliable and durable filter water purifier is by no means exclusive to outdoor adventure donkeys, but is widely used by various countries' armed forces, the International Red Cross and the WHO, and there are no other field nets. The waterer can provide higher quality and longer use. Simply squeezing by hand, pure drinking water will slowly flow out with the pipe and be consumed directly.

Comments: Drinking untreated or unpurified water outdoors or anywhere is like taking a gamble with your own body. Even if you drink clear-looking spring water, you will still be attacked by large groups of microbes at any time. Even You may fall ill within a few hours, so drinking clean water in the wild is a must. The most convenient is the use of filtered water purifiers. The advantage is that you can drink clean water immediately. There is almost no waiting, and it is almost the safest water purification method.

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