Patent Name A type of ink bottle that can be sucked up Patent applicant Bai Chenglin Principal applicant Address 250014 Letterboxing inventor No. 36, Heping Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, PRC Patent Application No. 200420052488.4 Date of Application 2004.07.26 Certification Date Approval No. 2707531 Auditing announcement date 2005.07.06 Manual CD-ROM D0527 Main classification number B43L25/00 Classification number B43L25/00 Division Original application number Priority item Abstract This utility model discloses an ink bottle, in particular discloses a kind of suction can be Ink bottle. The back-suction type ink bottle includes a bottle body and a bottle mouth. The special feature is that there is a rubber plug in the bottle mouth, a tapered hole is opened downwards in the center of the plug, and the bottom of the tapered hole is an openable pinhole. The bottom of the plug has a spherical recess, and the upper mouth of the tapered hole is provided with a dust cover. In addition, the inner stopper has an extended outer flange. The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, ingenious conception, convenient and sanitary use, no waste of ink, and is especially suitable for pupils, especially pupils who learn to write pen characters. Sovereignty Item 1. A down-sucking type ink bottle, comprising a bottle body (1) and a bottle mouth (2), characterized in that: a rubber plug (3) is inside the bottle mouth (1), and the inside plug (3) is centered A tapered hole (6) is opened, and the bottom of the tapered hole (6) is a retractable slotted opening (7), the bottom of the inner plug (3) has a spherical recess (8), and the top of the tapered hole (6) A dust cover (5) is provided, and the upper end of the inner plug has an extended outer flange (4) which can be turned over to the bottle mouth (2). International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Jinan Quancheng Patent and Trademark Office Office Address Agent Liu De

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