Pull back

Reverse pulling refers to that after the hot stamping, the electro-aluminum pulls the printing ink or the printing oil on the printing. The main reason is that the ink on the surface of the printed product is not dry or the post-processing of the surface of the printed product is improperly processed, which results in the ink on the surface of the printed product, the UV oil and the surface of the paper are not firmly bonded together. Solution: After the prints are dried and then hot gold. In addition, it is possible to use electro-aluminum with low electro-aluminum separation and excellent heat transfer.

Paste plate and electrochromic discoloration after hot stamping

The paste version is mainly caused by the poor production of the hot stamping version, the looseness of the installed aluminum foil, or the incorrect foiling of the aluminum foil. After the stamping, the discoloration of the electro-aluminum is mainly due to the high stamping temperature. In addition, the wrinkling of the aluminum foil is also likely to cause discoloration due to uneven color stamping, which can be solved by appropriately lowering the temperature. For round presses, a fan can be installed at the foil feeding station to keep the foils from flying and avoiding the galvanized version and scorching before the hot stamping.

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