On March 19th, the State Post Bureau will issue a set of 4 special stamps entitled "Dog", which are Beijing dogs, pug dogs, chow chow dogs and Tibetan mastiffs.

In order to vividly reproduce the different characteristics of various dogs in terms of squareness--the Beijing dog is noble and dignified, the Beagle is honest, the Chow Chow is sturdy, and the Tibetan monk is cold and majestic. The State Post Bureau's Stamp Printing Bureau adopted a three-color engraving. + Four-color offset printing.

The so-called three-color engraving printing refers to that three different colors of ink are transferred to the printing plate through different transfer rollers on the same engraving plate, and the three color inks are partially mixed and then transferred to the stamp paper to achieve Use three different engraving colors on the same pattern to perfectly reproduce the effect of the picture. This is another success after the Monochrome Sculpture of the Qingming Shanghe Tuji stamp and the double-color engraving of the “Taiwanese Historic Monuments” stamp. The Bureau of Stamp Printing has fully explored the potential of the equipment and digested the imported technology.

However, the improvement of process technology is not easy. On the one hand, although the four-glue three-sculptor printing press imported from Switzerland has three-color engraving and printing functions, it has never been used. Whether it can test successfully in a limited period of time has no absolute certainty; on the other hand, "Dog" stamp artwork is a hand-painted draft, with clear lines and distinct layers. The color lines of engraving are combined very closely, and the accuracy of overprinting is very high. In order to guarantee the issuance of the stamps on schedule, the Printing Bureau set up a special focus group to “focus exactly on how to transfer three different colors of engraving inks onto the printing plate”. The overprinting relationship between the rollers and the overprint relationship between the ink roller and the printing plate were tested repeatedly, finally overcoming difficulties. "Canine" differs from other multi-colored rubber carving stamps in that the color and color of the "Canine" engraving are very close to each other, and are adjacent to each other in the adjoining area. This is reflected in "Dogs," a map, two maps, four maps. Take the "Dog" mini-plate as an example. In space with a length and width of only 7 cm, there are closely interlaced black, gray and red-brown three-colored engraving lines; the same stamp has different colors. The sculpted lines are "connected", and the sculpted lines of each color are very fine, and the connection is very natural and accurate. For example, the Beijing dog's eyes, nose, and mouth are black sculpted lines, while the gray sculpted lines are next to them. The chow chow's eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are black sculptures, and the surroundings are red-brown sculptures.

This is the first time that China Post has used the "multi-color wiring" technology to produce four-color offset three-color carved stamps. The meticulous carving and accurate overprinting reflect the ever-increasing level of printing technology in China's stamps, and dedicated a set of quality stamps for the philatelic lovers.

Author: Ju Ying Source: China Post News

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