Recently, a new type of low-cost coating emulsion technology was successfully developed by the Wuhan Institute of Modern Industrial Technology. The emulsion is made of several kinds of easy-to-purchase inexpensive polymer materials made by special processes. The products are widely used in various papers that need to be coated. After trials by a number of board and paper mills, all performance indicators are completely up to the original benzene. The technical level of emulsion, the cost of styrene-acrylic emulsion can be reduced by more than 15%.

The coating emulsion is used as the top coat after the white paper is blended with porcelain and other fillers at a certain ratio in the production process. The quality and cost of the white paper coating are traditionally applied directly to the coating emulsion. There are two kinds of coating emulsions, such as styrene-butadiene emulsion made of butadiene. The cost is relatively low, but the paper coated with it has the disadvantages of high brittleness, poor weatherability, yellowing of paper surface, etc.; A good coating emulsion is made of monomers such as styrene and acrylic acid. Although the emulsion performance is better than styrene-butadiene latex, the cost is higher. The Wuhan Institute of Modern Industrial Technology has solved the problems existing in the existing coating emulsions.

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