Recently, a set of refilling equipment tailor-made for packaging systems has been put on the market. The machine can feed up to 400 conduits or other column assemblies in suspension each minute, including positioning and separation operations.

SortimatTech's new Cyclomat system can process up to 400 catheters per minute.

The Cyclomat produced by Sortimat Technology GmbH & Co. (Winnenden, Germany; ) can use the elevator to replenish the feed and send the parts to the packaging machine through several tracks. The assembly consists of a set of pneumatic slides placed in a blister pack. The device can not only choose different foam package size, but also can be applied to a variety of product design and packaging systems. The quick release mechanism enables quick product change without the use of tools.

The company also offers a new tray operating system that can quickly integrate with assembly systems using standard interfaces. The system can automatically load and unload pallets without interrupting the production cycle and is suitable for use in clean rooms. The tray can also be manually replaced during pick and place operations, without the need for retooling or setting up.

Sortimat manufactures high-performance assembly machines and feeders for companies in the fields of medical technology, pharmaceuticals and plastics worldwide. The company has developed a standard modular system called Jetwing that can effectively reduce the time for conversion and equipment reorganization.

Jetwing's design philosophy is to combine specific task components such as assembly platforms, function stations, test stations, conveyor belts, and feeders. These modules are standardized components, but they can also be customized according to specific needs. The manual process can integrate up to 10 automation stations, and each module can be integrated into the system through the interface.

The power supply, data bus system and compressed air are all standard interfaces for easy installation. According to the company, Jetwing can be used in any small component production process that requires flexible operation and variable output.

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