Sixth listen to the voice of users - Microsoft's concave quality requirements for color boxes

In the IT field, Microsoft is a world-renowned aircraft carrier IT company. In the field of packaging and printing, Microsoft is a hot end-user. It purchases a large number of printed materials in China each year. In addition to the software instruction manuals, the packaging box is its main procurement product. What are the specific requirements of Microsoft for the packaging box? What quality requirements should be met in the eyes of Microsoft? Does your company meet the Microsoft box standards? Through this article, you will experience the end-users of the packaging products Quality requirements.

Prepress output requirements

1. MS Software's products have the following requirements

(1) Products with four or more colors can be plated with CTP, or can be output for film printing.
(2) The following text must be added under the liberal arts number in the description (fonts and font size requirements are Times New Roman number 8): "Printed in China ARPC-02022 By Sunny Printing (China) Co. Ltd."
(3) Software customers include: Mental Media (Shenzhen Mingde), MMI (Medica Real), and Sunny IntI (International Xinyi).

2. MS Hardware's products have the following requirements

(1) Products with four or more colors must be plated with CTP.

(2) The description of the Korean version of the description should include the words "Printed in China" on the right side of the back cover item number. If you have the word "Printed in China" in your client file, you don't need to remove it or change the location. If there is no "Printed in China" in the customer file, notify the customer service personnel.

(3) If other non-Korean hardware products have the words "Printed in China" on the back cover, they must notify the customer service personnel.

(4) Hardware customers include: KYE, Kinpo, Chicony, Flex, Foxlink, etc. Quality Requirements for Color rrn

The following specifications require quality control requirements that are primarily aimed at suppliers of retail color boxes.

Quality requirements for color boxes

1. Color box/box area division

#1: Mainly referring to company names, trademarks, product names, patterns, and ranges that are 1/4 inch from these places.
#2: Mainly refers to the front and top of the box.
#3: Mainly refers to the underside of the box and its position.
2. Check the item description on the back

Die-cutting: Die-cutting must be die-cut according to the die-cutting line when die-cutting is required according to engineering drawings. At the same time, die-cutting cannot cut through the printed graphics and die-cut residue.
Paste box: color box must be glued together, adhesive at least cover 75% of the bond.
Blots/Blemishes: There is no pattern on the customer, but there are stains or defects on the prints.
Indentations or streaks: There are no marks on the customer, but there are different colors of ink bars or streaks on the print.

Wiping/scratching: Destruction of the ink layer on the printing surface, resulting in the exposed substrate or substrate of the printed ink at the print.

Crease/Crack: Creases, cracks, or delaminations present on the printed surface.
Dents: depressions on the surface of the box.
Ink color: In accordance with the customer's engineering drawings and colors required or specified on the film.
Ink Density: A measure of the ink surface thickness distribution on a printed surface.
Overprinting/overprinting: The graphic and process colors of a color separation must be in a defined position in the printed sheet.
Font definition: The writing must be clear and legible, and the edges should be smooth and incomplete.
Crawl: A corrugated pattern (rapped lines) due to an incorrect mesh angle.
Security thread: Must be legible.

3. Microsoft Color Box Inspection Standard

Table 1 lists Microsoft's testing standards for color boxes.

Author: Chen Liren Source: "packaging and decoration printing," 2005, 10 (packaging and decoration printing)

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