B&H Labeling Systems' Endura® shrink labels combine high-speed roll-feed labels with the BH700TM shrink system to attach labels to differently shaped containers. Compared to shrink sleeve labels, Endura can significantly reduce costs.

During the labeling process, a shrinkable web feed label is applied to the container using a certain amount of hot melt or solvent adhesive. The container is then sent to the B700 Systolic System and the hot air gun gently warms the labeling position. The label heats up and shrinks and completely wraps the container.

Endura can be used in many different shapes of containers, from irregular shapes to bottle necks. B&H's full wrapping technology handles metal, glass, plastic and fibreboard containers with diameters from 50.8mm to 127mm at speeds of up to 500 per minute.

In the spray can market, due to the requirement for more private labels, the amount of inventories will increase and the cost will increase. Endura is particularly suitable for spray cans, as traditional spray cans require pre-lithography, take up more space, and are not as short as shrink labels.

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