4.2 Influence of the amount of initiator BPO and the mode of addition

The effect of the amount of initiator BPO on the polymerization kinetics is shown in FIG.

As can be seen from FIG. 2 , as the amount of initiator increases, the polymerization rate increases and the conversion rate increases. The amount of initiator is greater than 0 9%, the polymerization rate tends to increase slowly; after 4 hours, the conversion rate can reach more than 98%.

The effect of the initiator addition method is shown in FIG. At 90°C, the BPO has a short half-life, and it is almost consumed after 2 hours of reaction. At this time, the monomer still remains in the system. The polymerization rate is low at the later stage of the reaction, and if no additional initiator is added, the conversion rate cannot be increased (the conversion rate is only 70%). When the same amount of initiator was added once or twice, the conversion rate increased to 86% and 98%, respectively. Therefore, after the monomer is added, the initiator should be added twice.

(to be continued)


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