Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. Qinchuan Plastic Machinery Factory developed SCJ30 × 2 duplex plastic hollow molding machine, recently passed the identification of relevant departments. The aircraft

It fills a gap in China's large-format double-station plastic hollow molding machine, and has made a big step forward in the manufacturing level of domestic plastic hollow machine. This kind of blow molding machine is suitable for

The hollow products processed with ordinary blow molding grade polyethylene and high molecular weight polyethylene as raw materials, the maximum size is 30 liters, and its quality can meet the technical requirements of the “National Maritime Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations” for export packaging of dangerous goods.

When the machine is in operation, the clamping mechanisms of the two stations alternately operate without interruption. Within one minute, one product can be processed, and the production efficiency is double that of the single-station hollow machine.

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