[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Many people like European wardrobe, but they are afraid that they can't hold. Don't worry, if you are a European-style fan, Jane-European style is relatively simple and easy, there is no gorgeous Chinese watch, no complicated shape, the key is that there is no sense of distance, such a wardrobe is really romantic and practical at home.

European style wardrobe

This European-style wardrobe is divided into geometrical and golden ratios to subdivide the upper and lower left and right wardrobes. From the inside to the outside, the European style is unconventional. The design of the overall wardrobe layout is reasonable and standardized, breaking through the traditional placement habits, moving the size of the TV cabinet into this whole wardrobe, and solving the problem of TV placement in the bedroom. Secondly, it also adds a top cabinet, which adds the functionality of the whole wardrobe. The European-style crown line design of the top cabinet also highlights the extravagance of the European-style wardrobe, showing the simplicity and taste of the overall wardrobe.

Simple European style wardrobe

From this European-style wardrobe picture, you can see that this white European wardrobe adopts the modern and simple European avant-garde design, simple and fashionable popular collocation, innovative and smooth European line design, each of which highlights the extraordinary temperament and fashion elegant style. With a reasonable space, you can ignore the size of the home space. The European style reveals the modern charm. The wonderful collision between the two is accompanied by the perfect furniture of art, function and practicality.


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