Recently, the music hall, gymnasium and auditorium of Jianshe Road School in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province have undergone a sound reinforcement system transformation. The internationally renowned brand PAL has provided related sound reinforcement system equipment for the school.

Yueqing City has developed economy and is one of the earliest areas in China with the most developed market economy and the most dynamic economic development. The people's living standards have reached the "well-off" standard. It is named as National Torch Plan Intelligent Electrical Appliance Industry Base, China National Drill Bit (Construction) Industrial Base and China Electric Appliance Capital, “China Electronic Component Industry Base”, “China Precision Mold Production Base”, “China Circuit Breaker Industry Base” "China's explosion-proof electrical production base" and so on. The Jianshe Primary School, which was nurtured under the atmosphere of many industry leaders, has cultivated a large number of talents, which can be described as fruitful fragrance, peach and plum fragrance.

The school wants to create a more comfortable campus learning environment, and advanced sound reinforcement equipment is essential. Daily background music playback, important business broadcasts, emergency notifications, etc., a set of high-security, high-reliability, expansion, and management convenience sound reinforcement system is the key to ensuring the cultivation of talents in schools. To this end, the Yueqing City Jianshe Road School in order to realize the modern management needs of the school, the school has selected a layer of choice, and finally determined the world's leading PAL network digital sound reinforcement system.

PAL sound reinforcement equipment installation site

In terms of the design of sound reinforcement system, Baoyeheng Company comprehensively constructs the basic characteristics and sound reinforcement requirements of the venues such as the school music hall, gymnasium and auditorium, and will advance the system's advanced nature, stability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and economic rationality. The six principles of scalability are the main basis for design thinking. The design adopts PAL brand KG28 network digital audio processor and TMC8080A digital audio processor. The mixer uses PALBL and M series. The power amplifier is PALGS series power amplifier. The speaker uses PS series active coaxial speaker and ET series speaker. And TV series speakers. The whole set of network digital sound reinforcement equipment not only guarantees good sound effect and excellent speech intelligibility, but also uses the network digital audio platform and network active speakers to form a full digital network sound reinforcement system, which greatly reduces the system installation. Maintenance costs, excellent sound quality, and high price.

The person in charge of the PAL brand pointed out that “PAL Professional Audio provides customers with a complete digital network audio system instead of a simple audio product. After years of development, PAL realizes the full digitalization of the same brand of equipment and can provide customers with The sound reinforcement system service with higher matching degree and more stable performance provides customers with comprehensive solutions for installation, design and training throughout pre-sale, sale and after-sales."

PAL sound reinforcement equipment auditorium in use

PAL sound reinforcement equipment debugging installation site

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