With the improvement of people's quality of life, the attention to furnishings design is getting higher and higher. On September 27th, the Elyland Museum of Art, which featured the design and the design of Yili, ushered in the opening day. The reporter learned from the scene that the opening of the industry not only attracted many industry amnesties, designers, but also attracted many consumers. Xianghe Furniture City
The newly opened Yililan Art Museum is located on the 3rd floor of Hall 7 of Jimei Dahongmen, covering an area of ​​over 8,000 square meters. It was created by Cao Yuxue, the master of furnishings and the founder of Lizong Caojia Class.

It is reported that the Yililan Art Museum is divided into real-life model rooms and furniture display areas. The real-life model rooms are mainly for the group of pyramid spires, and the furniture display area is for the consumer groups at the bottom of the pyramid tower.

The reporter learned that the real model room was created by the Italian contract designer and the Lizong Caojia Bandi Feng Shui, creating seven real-world model rooms of American, American, French, Italian and Chinese. It is reported that these 7 model rooms are the main types of mainstream residential areas in Beijing in the next two years.

The furniture display area covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters, mainly to display the furniture produced by Yililan, sofas, wardrobes, cabinets, dining tables... everything. Since the product is directly supplied by the Elyland factory, the intermediate link is eliminated, and the price finally sold to the consumer is basically the lowest price. On the opening day, the region was very popular with consumers, and many consumers decided to place orders on the spot.

For the establishment of the Yililan Art Museum, the industry pointed out that the current soft-packing market is not yet mature, and the industry gap made by the appearance of the Yililan Art Museum will create a new model for the soft-pack market. Xianghe Furniture City

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