It is very difficult to maintain a smooth and smooth skin and a perfect hair style on airplanes and trains. Dry skin with smudged eye makeup and a flat hair style will make MM very crazy. At this time, you may wish to learn the skincare skills of the flight attendants with Xiaobian and see what beautiful secrets they have in the air.

Fight against dry skin
Charming flight attendant skin care tips

Fight against dry skin

Every time I fly, I feel that the skin is particularly dry. This is a very common problem. The recirculating air on the plane will make your skin very dry. So what about the skin? In order to save your dry skin, experts recommend that you need to make a moisturizing mask the night before you fly. You should use a moisturizing product containing hyaluronic acid on the day of the night before going to bed. Hyaluronic acid can help improve. Moisture in the skin.

Portable spray

In addition to moisturizing lotions and moisturizing essences, we also recommend that you carry rose water or grape water spray with them. Their hydrating effect is particularly good. If you spray directly on your face, you will immediately feel a very significant hydration effect. This will tell you goodbye to dry skin, and walk off the plane in a refreshing and confident way.

Lips need your care

Dry air in the cabin is the biggest test for the skin of the lips. The skin secretes natural oils to help lock the water, but the skin of the lips has no sweat glands and oil glands, making it harder to resist. Bring lip balm, otherwise you will not catch up with the speed of dehydration of your lips even if you drink more water.

Rescue broken hair

Everyone will carry it with your hand cream. It can not only protect your hands and skin, but also help you solve the problem of broken hair. After rubbing your hands, apply a little hand cream to the hair affected by static electricity.

Quickly repair flat hair

It’s really comfortable to spend a long flight on the headrest, but you may not be happy when you see the flat head. The advice of hair stylist Jill Engelse is that if you have long hair, you can bow your head and then comb your hair into a loose hair. The shape of the bun can maintain the shape of the hairstyle and provide the root support, but be careful not to comb too tightly. If you have short hair, you can spray water on the hair roots, which helps to re-establish the hair roots. If you don't have a spray bottle, use your fingers to apply water to the roots.

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