The European wooden doors include many types of wooden doors, paint-free doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, etc. Modern people are more inclined to choose Oupai paint-free doors. Oupai wood doors and paint-free doors are fashionable, environmentally friendly and easy to construct, which is very suitable for home decoration and purchase. So what should we pay attention to when buying the European paint free door?

The vast majority of paint-free doors currently on the market refer to PVC veneer doors. It is made of PVC veneer vacuum plastic processing technology on the outermost surface of solid wood composite door or molded door. The same applies to door covers, which are treated with PVC. There is also a finished wooden door that has been painted by the factory, also called a paint-free door.

Paint-free doors also have shortcomings, such as poor quality paint-free doors for a long time, the shortcomings of easy exposure is easy to be affected by factors such as humidity, temperature and air, causing the surface to open and deform. So, what phenomena should we pay attention to when using European-style wooden doors without paint doors?

1. Before installation, for unpainted products, fully seal the primer once within 4 hours after unpacking.

2. Regardless of whether the paint-free door needs to be repaired before installation, due to size measurement errors, or the product needs to be repaired due to slight cracking, shrinkage, and deformation during use, it must be processed or agreed by the dealer, otherwise the dealer and the factory will not Undertake any guarantee responsibility.

3. In order to prevent the door from hitting the wall when opening and closing the door, it is recommended to install the magnetic attraction under the door in time.

4. When using the paint-free door normally, avoid hanging heavy objects on the door or let children hang on the door to play, so as not to shorten the service life.

5. When opening and closing the door, do not use too much force or open the angle too much, which will not only damage the paint-free door, but also hurt the person in serious cases.

6. When opening the door, you must push the paint-free door lightly by hand, and you can also hit it with a hard object to prevent the paint protective layer of the paint-free door from being damaged.

7. Do not make the door plate in a humid environment for a long time to avoid deformation of the painted door.

8. The paint-free door should not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, as this will discolor, age or peel off the paint.

9. When the paint-free door is splashed with water, wipe it clean with a clean cloth to avoid local swelling. When wiping, do not use excessive force to avoid confusing the paint.

Editor's summary: The European-style wooden door paint-free door is very good, but the most important thing is to buy the assured paint-free door. Did you pay attention to the above 9 points? I hope that the purchase instructions for Oupai wood doors and paint-free doors will be helpful to you!

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