[Guide] In the bath, not only can the sweat in the body be eliminated, but also help relieve fatigue and let the body relax. Among them, the water temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the skin, which is not conducive to skin care; if the bath water temperature is too low, it can not achieve the effect of eliminating cold in the body. Tea bathing method: use 100-200g of tea leaves, add water dipped in juice, pour into the tub, and use it until it is warm.


     1, lose weight

When the body is in warm water, it will accelerate blood circulation and lymph circulation to help the body's metabolism, thus achieving weight loss.

2, change the constitution

Most women have a cold constitution, while most people with cold constitutions have poor blood circulation and often have symptoms such as cold hands and feet. Hot water bathing can solve this problem well, help blood circulation, and then improve the state of physical fitness. If you add essential oils such as chamomile and cinnamon in the bath water, the effect will be better.

3, relieve fatigue

Faced with the pressure of life and work, the best way to relieve stress is to take a bath.

In the bath, you can not only eliminate the sweat in your body, but also help relieve fatigue and let the body relax. Although rain can save time, it will cause irritation to the surface of the skin, and the state of tension can not be relaxed.

Bathing after getting up early can help wake up the sleeping body and mind, and let us put it into work in the best condition. Bathing at night can help us relax and better sleep.

4, help the body detoxification

Once the metabolism is slowed down, it will cause various problems in many people's skin, and there will be a lack of energy. If you are usually sparse in exercise, and there is no chance of sweating, the accumulation of toxins in the body will cause problems such as edema and dull skin. The best way is to take a hot bath so that the toxins in the body can be excreted, and frequent bathing is very helpful for removing acne.

5, easy to remove body horny

Body exfoliation can be done after soaking in the bath for 10-15 minutes, the keratin has been slowly softened, and then use the exfoliating product to gently lap the whole body with hands, like the shoulders, arms and calves that are easy to show luster, the strength should not be too heavy . In addition, for the sensitive parts of the neck and chest, be sure to move gently to avoid excessive friction and damage the skin.


   The correct way to bathe (1): eat before eating

Before taking a bath, be sure to eat first, but you can't take a bath immediately after dinner. Just after eating, a lot of blood in the human body will flow into the stomach. If you take a bath immediately, the temperature of the hot water will cause a lot of blood to flow to the skin, causing ischemia in the stomach and causing indigestion. On the contrary, if you take a bath on an empty stomach, It is easy to cause dizziness and nausea and cause great damage to the body. Therefore, it is best to take a bath two hours after a meal.

The correct way to bathe (2): can not be used instead of a shower

A shower cannot be used instead of a bath. The increase in age causes blood circulation and metabolism to gradually decrease, and bathing does not allow the body to warm up, especially during the cold season. In the long run, the cold in the human body will slowly accumulate, eventually leading to shoulder pain, headache, gynecological diseases and other diseases. By bathing, it can achieve the effect of eliminating cold in the human body and is good for your health.

The correct way to bathe (3): the temperature should not be too high

The temperature of the bath should not be too high, and the ideal temperature is 39 to 40 degrees. Soaking the body in a water temperature of 39 to 40 degrees will not only fully exert the bathing effect, but also make the blood circulation smoother. Among them, the water temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the skin, which is not conducive to skin care; if the bath water temperature is too low, it can not achieve the effect of eliminating cold in the body. The water temperature is suitable, and the bathing effect is more ideal.

The correct bathing method (4): adding a moisturizing ingredient to the bathing agent

Adding moisturizing ingredients to the bath during bathing will help the skin moisturize. The bathing agent that adds moisturizing ingredients during bathing not only prevents the skin after evaporation from being too dry, but also nourishes the back skin that the hands can't wipe, and the skin is more comprehensive. At the same time, you can also choose to drink tea with a sweetness of less than 6% during the bathing process, which will not burden the body and make the bathing process more enjoyable.

  The correct way to bathe (5): grasp the gold of the body care for ten minutes

The heat generated by the body after the bath will evaporate with the water. After ten minutes, the skin will be drier than before the bath. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the gold of the bath for ten minutes for comprehensive maintenance. Also pay attention to the water temperature is not too high, when the water temperature is too high, it is easy to destroy and promote the loss of sebum components that protect the skin.

"Feeding" (1): ginger when you take a bath

Ginger contains gingerol and ginger oil, which can effectively promote peripheral blood circulation. Ginger helps to wick away sweat and detoxify. It is used in bathing or smearing to increase the metabolic rate. The starchy food we eat is broken down into sugar, which is converted into heat, which is converted into glucose. If you take too much calories and consume too little, excess glucose will turn into fat. Gingerol, a spicy ingredient in ginger, can alleviate the rise in blood sugar. It also has the ability to reduce the saccharification of starch, which can reduce the chance of starch conversion to glucose and cause a body that is not easy to accumulate fat.

Ginger bathing method: pulverize a pound of ginger and boil it; at the same time, after the shower, pour the extracted ginger water into the bath and soak for ten minutes, preferably to the forehead for sweat. At the same time with massage, such as around the stomach, starting from the right, press, squat, twist, can promote metabolism and eliminate the meat.

After bathing, it is recommended to drink ginger black tea. Gingerin with antioxidant function can cope with free radicals and delay aging. In addition, it can also accelerate blood circulation, stimulate gastric secretion and intestinal peristalsis, promote digestion, and make the body fully conditioned. As the blood circulation and metabolism become better, the color of the gas is also rosy, and the hands and feet are no longer cold.

"Feeding" (2): tea when you take a bath

Tea bathing has been around since ancient times. Tea bathing is a tea bath and has been popular in Southeast Asia and Japan in recent years. In fact, tea baths have a long history in the mountainous areas of southern China, especially in minority areas, and are one of the important components of traditional tea culture in China. The scientific mechanism of tea bathing needs further study, but its health care effect has been confirmed by practice: the tea bath is alkaline, and the cleansing function of the skin is unquestionable. Bathing with tea can promote metabolism and improve the function of the body's related organs, thus achieving a certain degree of rickets. Tea is rich in caffeine, citric acid, theophylline, catechin, tea polyphenols, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals, with disinfection and antibacterial, descaling skin and fatigue.

In addition, it has also been suggested that the tea bath can inhibit the lipid peroxidation and the formation of nitrosamines in the body, thereby preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. The help of tea baths for human health is objective, and it is no accident that it is gradually emerging as a new fashion.

   Tea bathing method: use 100-200g of tea leaves, add water dipped in juice, pour into the tub, and use it until it is warm.

As you age, your skin is loose and aging, and various skin problems follow. Wrinkles are one of the most unwanted things for women.

Male sleep time should not be too long

To ensure quality, only one person can guarantee the quality of sleep, the physiology can be fully repaired, the immune system can be strengthened, and the energy can be supplemented. Chrysanthemum Tea: Chrysanthemum tea has a moderate calming effect. It is a perfect natural confrontation for nerves or the body that cannot be relaxed.

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