[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Since ancient times, there has always been an important storage tool in the bedroom--the wardrobe , from the traditional carved wardrobes in the past, to the simple panel wardrobes, to the custom-made wardrobes today, all witnessed the cultural literacy of an era. The needs of people of different ages, the existence of the wardrobe is not only a storage, but also a decoration.

Grandma's wardrobe: antique ancient charm

Ming and Qing antique wardrobe

Black sandalwood, high cabinet door, handle is a delicate copper pull ring... This is the big wardrobe of the impression of Grandma. Unlike a whole cabinet door, it is divided into three layers. Below are two side-by-side drawers. The small copper pull is very pleasing; the middle is a double-door with a height of more than one meter. The lock is on the door, and the main body of the wardrobe is black or black. It is made of solid wood, thick and solid, and blends with the light of the bedroom. The carved doors and old paint become the typical symbols of the wardrobe at that time. The reporter once visited the old house of a hundred years ago in the old street of Liu’an and Qingqing. The furnishings in it are such a way that people can bring people into the scene of life 100 years ago. This kind of wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture for Chinese families. With the reform and opening up, this antique furniture and carved big bed are gradually disappearing. At present, it can only be seen in some museums.

Mom and Dad's wardrobe: simple and generous for practical use

Simple panel wardrobe

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When the parents were in the era, it was the time of China’s reform and opening up. At that time, the wardrobes in ordinary families were all out of a “model”: the two doors were on two sides, the middle was a large dressing mirror, and the inside was a lattice. The other side is pendant. The mirror is also a door. After opening, you can put some items that are not commonly used. The color of the wardrobe is mostly yellow with wood grain, and the dark wardrobe is not common. Along with the increase in clothing and the richness of styles, people gradually have new requirements for wardrobes. The increase in the size of large wardrobes indicates the improvement of people's material level and the improvement of life. This type of wardrobe has been in the Chinese family for nearly 20 years, and then disappeared without a trace. This type of wardrobe can only be seen in some rural houses.

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