[ Chinese wardrobe network ] According to the current level of life pressure, most people's living standards can only be regarded as wage earners, and the pressure is greater in the face of renovation of new homes. Although the size of 80 flat is enough to live in, but how to decorate the atmosphere is simple and practical, the designer suggested that the living room kitchen is the facade after all, must pay attention to it, the bedroom can be simple, use the sliding door wardrobe to store mess, the bathroom uses mosaic Sticky to create a stylish feeling.

Modern home with

Design focus : living room design

Case Comment : When the guest changes, the sofa and the TV main wall are reversed. The cabinet arrangement and the deepening of the horizontal and wide display are presented in one go. Among them, the three-dimensional light source arrangement and the asymmetric method make the vision have another kind of coordination.

Modern sliding door wardrobe

Design focus : ceiling molding

Case Comment : In order to resolve the doubts, the porch screen extends from the upper to the smallpox, and the lateral direction brings out the restaurant block, achieving the overall sense of the two phases.

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