[ Chinese wardrobe net ] color matching is the first element of clothing matching, the same in the wardrobe design. When considering dressing up in love, you must have an overall color matching scheme to determine the choice of decoration color and wardrobe color. If you can use the color matching of the wardrobe, then your loved one will become more individual and beautiful, and it will become very warm in this winter.

First, the bedroom wardrobe color matching four principles

Bedroom wardrobe color matching

Bedroom wardrobe color matching

1 wardrobe color matching can not exceed three.

2 gold, silver can be worn with any color, gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray.

3 Resolutely don't put together materials of different materials but the same color, otherwise you will have half the chance to make mistakes.

4 The space is not closed, the same color scheme must be used; different color schemes can be used for different closed spaces.

The combination of the environment and the color of the wardrobe plays a vital role in the entire wardrobe. Good wardrobe color matching can make people living in this environment feel good and relieve fatigue. As an art decoration, the wardrobe also has its own taboos in color matching.

Second, the bedroom wardrobe color matching three taboos

Bedroom closet

Bedroom wardrobe color matching

1 Do not black and white, long time in this environment, it will make people dazzled, nervous, irritated, people are at a loss.

2 Do not use purple as the main color system, which will make people in it have a feeling of helplessness.

3 pink will bring irritating emotions.

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