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LD-TP electromagnetic vibration table: introduction to architecture and features

Use electromagnetic loop self-loop to generate high electric induction

Use the overlap winding method to generate the suction action

The forward direction is the same as the loop, and the current is according to the left-hand law. Due to the inductance of the stacking inductance, a high exciting force is generated to achieve a stable pull-in action.

Will not be subject to quality changes, change load bearing or exciting force

Integrated synthetic electromagnetic coil for effective stability

The center line of the vibration mode is 0, which satisfies the amplitude amplitude requirement.

Solve the technical problems that are difficult to solve with each high-frequency vibration table.

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吸合式电磁振动台大师 雅士林仪器

Respiratory System Model

This Respiratory System model is suitable to medical institutions to explain human anatomy, such as thoracic surgery and.internal medicine curriculum as visual aids.This Respiratory System model separating into 7 parts. The lungs have two removable lobes to show the internal structures. The heart bisects showing atria, ventricles and valves The larynx bisects and the diaphragm is shown.
Great for school teaching tool. learning display, and collectibles, also will be a great addition to your lab supplies.Perfect tool. can be used for classroom health demonstrations and anatomy teaching aids and can also be used for children's educational toys.

Human Body Models,Lung Anatomy Model,Respiratory System Model,Human Respiratory System Model

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