After a period of fitness training, many people will find that their pectoralis major muscles are asymmetrical, and some are even more and more obvious. Some people will be surprised to find out: Why is the right pectoralis major muscles strong, but how does the right side look smaller than the left side? These situations have caused many people to worry, how to solve this problem?


  First, the reason for the asymmetry of the chest muscles:

  1, caused by living habits

In the case where most people are right-handed, the right limb is used in life, so that the right arm, shoulder and other muscles are more developed than the left side, and the nervous system is also focused on the right side as the main force to complete the movement, resulting in training the chest. The right side is easier to complete, and the left side will train more thoroughly, resulting in uneven left and right.

   2: Unbalanced force during exercise

This situation will also be related to the habitual side of life. Attention is slightly less concentrated during training, the body is tilted, or the force is unbalanced. Especially when training with heavy weight, at this time, you will face the tremendous pressure to make all the stops to complete the action, naturally it is difficult to maintain the balance of power, and there is no mind to avoid borrowing power.

  3: caused by bone asymmetry

Asymmetry between the sternum and the ribs underneath it can lead to asymmetry between the pectoral muscles and the abdominal muscles. If you are too concerned about visual differences, use unilateral training and weak side weighting to make up for it.

Second, some exercises to solve the asymmetry of the chest muscles in the specific exercise:


  1, lateral push-ups or one-hand push-ups

When doing push-ups, the center of gravity of the body is biased to the side of the weaker chest muscles, or the side of the body is raised so that the center of gravity is naturally biased toward the weaker side of the chest muscles; if the physical conditions permit, it can also be corrected with one-handed push-ups. .


   2, parallel bar side arm bending and extension

When doing the side-arm flexion and extension of the parallel bars, during the body decline, the center of gravity of the body is biased toward the side of the weaker chest muscles, while staying at the lowest point for 3-5 seconds to do the "peak contraction" state.


   3, supine side bias

Lying on the bench or bench, the shoulders and arms touch the stool surface, the waist back is separated from the stool surface into an "orthotic shape", the chest is shoulder-shouldered, the palms of the hands are facing upwards, and the weight of the barbell is more weighted than that of the underdeveloped chest. On the side, the grip is the same width as the shoulder, and the barbell bar is placed at the chest nipple. Then inhale, push the barbell upwards with both arms, and straighten the arm for a short time of 2 to 3 seconds. Then exhale and slowly lower the barbell to restore.


   4, single-arm dumbbells on the back of the arm

Dumbbells have a good exercise effect on the chest, and you can use one hand to do this exercise to correct the phenomenon of asymmetry of the chest muscles.


   5, isolated action strengthens the weaker side of the pectoralis major muscle

Although the pectoralis major muscles are not easy to separate and exercise in isolation, there are still some special ways to do it. Such as one-handed push-ups, there are also one-arm bench press to increase the amount of training. However, this has a certain degree of danger. You can ask someone to help and protect. You need to choose carefully.

The best one-armed action is still done on the comprehensive device - the rope puller, that is, we often use the action of the two arms to do the cross-clamping chest (also known as the puller bird), in fact, this action is only a one-armed bird. It is also achievable and safe.

  to sum up:

The above solution about the asymmetry of the chest muscles can not be said to be very comprehensive. Fitness can't just stare at the chest muscles and arms. The chest muscles are only a small part of the whole body muscles. Only by putting your eyes on the whole body and developing together, can you build a Strong and well-balanced body.


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