In recent years, as the company found in vinegar and brewing enterprises, the nutritional content of vinegar and fruit vinegar has an unexpected effect on the human body. Fruit vinegar is rich in organic acids, amino acids, acetic acid and other nutrients. Its efficacy and some substances in the human body form effective absorption and metabolism, which can make the human body have unexpected effects.

According to scientific research and the effect of drinking fruit vinegar on the body's disease prevention and health care, it has the following functions:

1. Fruit vinegar has the effect of eliminating fatigue and improving immunity;

2, fruit vinegar can reduce the incidence of liver disease;

3, fruit vinegar is acidic, after the body absorbs and metabolizes into alkaline food, can stimulate the role of the brain's nerve center, has the effect of developing intelligence, the brain is alkaline, the child is more acidic than the acidic child, so the fruit vinegar has resistance The role of aging and the development of intelligence;

4, fruit vinegar has the effect of softening blood vessels, lowering blood fat and lowering cholesterol;

5. Fruit vinegar has the effect of preventing and treating obesity;

6, fruit vinegar has the role of beauty skin care;

7. Fruit vinegar has strong bactericidal ability;

8, fruit vinegar has the effect of hangover.

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