Name: Columbia titanium casual pants (trousers)
Section number: PM8151
Function: Titanium Series Size: 175/74A
Ingredients: 93% polyester Kevlar: 7%
Fabric: Dynamonus
Color: Gray Black Reviewer: HH

After you get your trousers and watch it carefully, it's a very humble, low-key product. There is no big difference between ordinary outdoor brands and sports brand casual pants. From the signage, only know that it is using Dynamonus material. Dynamonus is a high-strength material and its properties are cut-resistant, friction-resistant, heat-resistant, and tear-resistant. Compared with conventional products, Dynamonus increases the characteristics by more than 20%. These characteristics can reduce the damage to the clothes due to collisions, friction, scratches, etc., and do not cause a hole in the clothes due to friction or heat generated by the cigarettes.
This trousers material should be designed for outdoor activities, so there is no warmth to wear everyday, there is no advantage, in Beijing in December is not appropriate. However, during the weekend when I was fragrant in Bajia, I specially put a cotton wool trouser inside and used it.

Try it on:
1. Outstanding material advantages in outdoor sports. The Dynamonus material is characteristic in outdoor sports conditions. The first is very light, basically I can only feel the weight of cotton pants. The weight of casual pants is negligible. Second, the ductility of the trousers is very good, and there is no feeling of restriction of ordinary casual trousers when climbing. Walking, squatting, and doing some simple flipping moves are easy. Third, the wear resistance is outstanding: in the wild stone, bush wood. Don't worry about the pants itself. Basically want to sit, want to go where to go. (Of course, the overall test circuit is very simple, and there is no difficult crossing operation.)
2. I was impressed by the fact that the trousers are of good practicality and small details are enough for outdoor activists. There are a total of six trousers, there is a small bag in the left bag dedicated to put the phone, each bag has a deep palm. And it is very strong when sewing, unlike some brands, the trousers is purely a decoration. In fact, the details bring great convenience. You can conveniently store mineral water, sabers, travel maps, mobile phones, and other commonly used small items on the go. In addition, the trousers department has a special controllable elastic band design, which is convenient when it is done in water.

1. The common problem of Colombian casual trousers is the use of plastic elastic buckles. The texture of the buttons makes people feel particularly fatal. Usually only not used, and another hanging strap. It feels a little impractical to use this feature.
2. Professional targeting is stronger. When wearing outdoor sports, especially when hiking, it is very good. However, in the ordinary daily situations, there are certain limitations in the use in the northern regions due to problems such as warmth.

Overall: Colombia's pants this year are very distinctive, and their use is more targeted. Objectively speaking, there is no big surprise. But perhaps this is the true nature of high-end outdoor brands: only for those who appreciate it. Of course, this evaluation also has little regrets. Because it is a test product used, it cannot be burned with cigarettes. If you are interested in the future, you can try it. Must tell me the result.

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