At present, in the decorative materials market, the variety of floor coverings can be described as numerous, among which the solid wood flooring is favored by consumers because of its high quality and high grade. Here, you can introduce some methods of purchasing solid wood flooring.

First, it varies from person to person: choose the type of solid wood flooring according to its own economic conditions, room size, floor height and length of residence. Among them, the long floor and the parquet floor can be laid without glue, and it is easy to disassemble when relocating. The short parquet floor is generally laid by the adhesive method, which is difficult to disassemble.

Second, the processing size should be accurate, the solid wood floor processing error should be small, the geometric size should be regular, the slats should be flat, especially the width direction and the gutter size of the cornice are more important. Generally it should be above ±0.5 mm.

Third, the board surface should be smooth and smooth: there is no obvious knife mark on the front side; the back side allows a little leaking planing and sawing marks, the mouth groove shape should be tight and proper, smooth and free, neither blocking nor obvious gap.

Fourth, the strength of wood should be adapted to local conditions: Generally speaking, the higher the density of wood, the greater the strength, the better the quality, and the higher the price. Select the strength of the floor, depending on the location of use. For example, living room, dining room, and public places can use higher-strength varieties, such as Brazilian teak. In the bedroom, you can choose a variety of relatively low strength, such as ash, red oak and so on. In the old man's room, you can choose the general strength, but very soft and warm Liu Yan, southwestern birch and so on.

Fifth, the wood must be dried: in addition to the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, the wood also has the characteristics of swelling and shrinking. Therefore, the drying process in the wood production process is an extremely important process, and the quality of the wood floor is determined by the treatment. The moisture content of wooden floors is generally required to be controlled below 15%. The method of distinguishing whether the wooden floor has been dried or not is tested by hand feeling and moisture meter.

Sixth, the number of solid wood flooring should be surplus: the number of purchases when purchasing wooden flooring should be slightly higher than the actual laying area. Generally, 20 square meters of room should be increased by 1 square meter for consumption.

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