Research on the shape characteristics of bamboo furniture

(The Study of Structural Characteristics About Bamboo Furniture )


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The development and development of bamboo furniture has broad prospects. It has a unique shape and charm. This paper starts with the internal and external factors of bamboo furniture modeling, and focuses on its internal factors. It analyzes the modeling characteristics of bamboo furniture from four aspects to explore the development of bamboo furniture.

Key words:

Bamboo furniture styling feature development

Abstract: Including distinctive structure and vivid lingering charm, bamboo furniture has broad prospect on its development. Beginning with the study of the internal factor and the external one which form it, from four aspects, the paper discussed the structural characteristics of bamboo furniture based on The internal factor. According to it, the paper inquires into the developing way of bamboo furniture also.

Key word: bamboo furniture structural characteristics development


With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the quality and quantity of furniture have also risen. However, in recent years, due to the decreasing of forest resources, the timber used in all kinds of high-end furniture is in short supply in the market. Finding the ideal substitute materials has become an urgent problem for the furniture industry. According to expert analysis, bamboo is the most ideal substitute. Bamboo furniture is not only inferior to all kinds of wooden furniture in terms of strength and function, but its special material structure makes people feel warm and natural. In addition, it is worth mentioning that bamboo is the darling of Chinese culture. Since ancient times, “it is better to eat without meat, and not to live without bamboo”. The development of bamboo furniture has a profound historical accumulation and cultural connotation, so it advocates development due to environmental protection. At the same time, bamboo furniture has also achieved a "return" to tradition.

At present, this "return" of bamboo furniture has already begun to appear: bamboo chairs, tables, coffee tables, screens, flower stands, shoe racks, bookshelves, flower trusses, bamboo skeletons can be seen in major cities. There are rattan sofas, rattan beds, rattan bars, etc., the market trend is very optimistic;

99 “Yiyang International Bamboo Culture Festival”, the fine work of all kinds of bamboo furniture has also attracted the attention of the world. First of all, the "return" of bamboo furniture on the market is driven by environmental factors, and people's love for bamboo furniture is not only the role of environmental protection, but more importantly, the uniqueness of bamboo furniture itself. The styling features, as well as the distinctive decorative charm formed by this shape. Today's bamboo furniture has experienced the inheritance and sublimation of the traditional prosperity and modernity. Its style is rich and the art style is more mature. It can be called the “model of green furniture”. Here, the paper summarizes and refines its modeling features. It not only helps to inherit the tradition, but also explores the classics, and is also beneficial to pioneering and innovating, leading the fashion.

Discussion on the characteristics of bamboo furniture

Furniture is a kind of carrier, reflecting a kind of culture. In the process of development, through different forms, colors, decorations and patterns, it forms an artistic form and humanistic consciousness that expresses the different connotations of the nation, the environment and the times. Therefore, to study the modeling characteristics of bamboo furniture, it is undoubtedly necessary to analyze this national, environmental, and contemporary era. In general, the shape characteristics of bamboo furniture are both geographical and historical. Firstly, there is a bamboo in the south of the Yangtze River. The beautiful mountains of the south of the Yangtze River and the unique cultural concept have built the delicate and elegant character of bamboo furniture. Secondly, Ming In the Qing Dynasty, the great development of economy and culture enabled bamboo furniture to partially absorb the styling points of Ming style furniture and the decorative elements in the building on the basis of fully transforming the existing craftsmanship, thus having a simple and concise integration of the Ming furniture and the building. The winding path is subtle and beautiful, bringing a more mature and perfect shape to bamboo furniture. As shown

2 ― 2 ) The coloring chairs, the simple straight-lined frame, the comb-back seat back, the arc-shaped support between the legs and the legs, the hexagonal seat surface, which was popular in the Ming Dynasty. The legacy of the hexagonal comb back chair.

Of course, whether it is a historical factor or a regional factor, it only partially maps the modeling characteristics of bamboo furniture, and more fundamentally traces its own structure and material factors. Although bamboo furniture is rich in variety and different in shape, it is always composed of two basic components, that is, the skeleton and the surface layer. The modeling of bamboo furniture is almost done by these two main structures. This gives bamboo furniture a distinct feature: simplicity. The simple shape of bamboo furniture is not focused on the complexity of the modeling elements, but rather on the use of a linear combination of rational expressions to express the style of bamboo furniture, using the most compact form to form the layering of the bamboo furniture. Therefore, this succinct inclusion of deeper content: one is the use of skilled shape composition art, the second is the shape formed by the structure, the third is the decoration produced by the structure, and then the shape is the perfect quality, shape and color. Unite. From these four points of view, the overall modeling characteristics of bamboo furniture are discussed one by one.

1. The art of modeling

The composition of bamboo furniture is not only rich in the rational combination of lines, but also has a beautiful form beauty, and the directionality of its lines, the symmetry of the formal structure, the fusion of the furniture shape and the volume of the surrounding environment, Furniture and human spiritual world have always maintained a vague connection, giving bamboo furniture poetic, so that people not only live in the material world, but also live in the spiritual world. This is the shape of the art of bamboo furniture. These rich artistic features, on the one hand, benefit from the unique natural bamboo and rattan, and another more important reason is the excellence of the masters of the past. The composition art of natural and artificial combination shows us the rich pattern of composition and composition in bamboo furniture:


Composition change and unity

The principle is: the quality, shape and color are unified, and the composition changes are sought in each decorative technique; the composition, the quality, the shape and the color must be changed in order to obtain the overall harmony and unity.


Contrast and reconciliation

Morphological contrast and reconciliation

Bamboo furniture is very good at making use of the contrast of the square, the real, the straight, the length, the height, the width, the density. examples(

In 1 - 1 ), the box between the round tabletop and the four legs is a circle-to-square, real and virtual contrast. On the whole, it is a square circle, with virtual complements, highlighting the table and legs, but the curved braces added in the box between the legs are in the square and the circle, the real and the virtual It plays a role of reconciliation, making the overall shape very harmonious. Comparison and reconciliation of materials

In today's increasingly rich new materials and new processes, quaint bamboo furniture is boldly used in conjunction with a variety of modern furniture materials, such as bamboo and fabric, bamboo and steel, bamboo and glass, etc., to achieve material contrast, to enrich people's Visual effects, to achieve a breakthrough in styling, see Figure ( 1 - 2 ). In the figure, bamboo and steel are combined with materials, and the texture of the materials and the shape of the design are also integrated into each other. The modernity of bamboo and the modernity of steel and into a new ancient

Classic style furniture.


Repetition and rhythm

The shape of bamboo furniture is mainly line, and the line is rich.

Change, and often arranged in groups,

With the repetition of lines, the ever-changing rhythm is constructed.

Create a visual sense of integrity and a rich festival

The sense of play has a strong appeal. Its row

The columns are in a variety of forms and can be found everywhere in bamboo furniture.

See, example map (

1 - 3 ), a----- 大郁凉

The continuous rhythm of the side rails of the bed;

b----- Bamboo chair

Gradual rhythm of the backrest surface;

c--- Bamboo tea legs

The undulating rhythm and vine bamboo weave

The staggered rhythm of the decorative lattice.


Focus and general ( 1-3 )

As mentioned before, in bamboo furniture,

Out of a certain part, commonly used decorative lattice or bamboo squid flowers for artistic decoration to enhance the expressiveness of furniture. In addition, the bamboo furniture also uses the density of the skeleton line, the linear type of sudden change, engraving, hollowing, waxing, and the change of the weave pattern to focus on the bamboo chair back, table top, cabinet surface, etc. As shown

2-2 ) The skeleton lines at the side of the backrest of the chair are arranged in an equidistant evacuation, arranged in the middle of the backrest, and the upper part is made up of small stalks, so that the backrest becomes the visual interest center of the bamboo chair.


Equilibrium and stability of composition

The principle is: no matter what shape, square, ellipse, round and various shaped bodies, it is always stable in structure, stable in the visual, showing furniture and nature, and affinity with human beings. :


Balanced and vivid

As shown

1--3) in b, c and Figure (2--2), (2 - 3) various types of furniture, the use of symmetrical, in order to obtain the same amount of balance, which is taken from the traditional Chinese aesthetic point of view. The decorative frame of Figure ( 1 - 4 ) is a relatively symmetrical piece of furniture. With the different volume of the decorative lattice and the strong support of the back of the shelf to achieve a balanced effect, it looks vivid and eclectic.

1.2.2 stable and lightweight

The use of strip parts to form a virtual body composed of furniture is a common method of bamboo furniture modeling. As shown in Figure 1-5 , the seat and back are combined into an elliptical virtual space, which is light and varied. At the same time, the center of gravity falls on the lower round shape, and the stability of the furniture is achieved in the structure.

2. Shape formed by structure

A more complete statement should be "the style determined by the material, the shape formed by the structure". First of all, the bamboo can be sturdy, can be straight and bendable, can be thick and thin, and lays a material foundation for the rich line shape of bamboo furniture. Secondly, the special processing performance of bamboo determines the skeleton and surface structure of bamboo furniture. The particularity, in turn, determines the particularity of its shape, which means that the unique shape of bamboo furniture is mainly reflected in the treatment of the skeleton and the surface layer. Here we analyze the linear characteristics and surface shape of bamboo furniture from the skeleton and surface of bamboo furniture.

2.1 morphological characteristics of the skeleton

The skeleton is the soul of bamboo furniture, which plays the multiple roles of guiding, stressing and embodying the shape. Due to the needs of the specific structure of the furniture, its form is richly changed. This form has both the linear form of the skeleton bamboo segment itself and the linear combination formed by the combination of the bamboo segments.

2.1.1 Linear characteristics of the skeleton bamboo segment unequal thickness, use with

The bamboo segments used in the skeleton use original bamboo, big bamboo, and small bamboo, and the diameter ranges from a few centimeters to a few millimeters. Bamboo furniture often uses the thickness and dense arrangement of these skeleton lines to form a changing visual effect. As shown in Figure (2-2). The linear shape of the skeleton is rich and has the advantage of making furniture by arc.

The good plasticity of bamboo gives bamboo furniture a rich linear change: straight lines, geometric curves, natural curves, shaped lines and various closed-formed legs. It can be said that it should be straight and the loop is complete. See the straight line, the curve is soft, the shaped line is lively and playful, and the various closed feet can make the furniture look full, unique and full of charm. These line types are combined in bamboo furniture, blending in the shape of furniture, soft and soft, the lines are quite stiff and not soft.

Not weak, showing the beauty of simplicity, simplicity and elegance.

In bamboo furniture, tables, stools, cabinets and furniture often use straight lines.

The square table in the picture (2--3), round legs, eight sides

The ridged table top and the five bamboo fences on the legs are

The straight line of the main body of the table is simple and simple.

bold. Even the lattice decoration between the table top and the horizontal fence is also abstract

The straight line of training, although decorated, as a whole, still

Without losing the true color of bamboo furniture. If it will be straight leg type

Slightly curved one arc, the entire furniture shape will look soft,

Exquisite, see the curved table in (2-4), elegant small

"s" shaped legs, bringing out the lightness of bamboo furniture and fully displaying

Bamboo has the advantage of making furniture in an arc. This is closely related to the human body.

Cut the sitting and lying furniture in better reflected, such as bamboo chair, bamboo sofa, etc., due to its linear full account of the scale of ergonomics, therefore, in general it back, arm or foot are processed through focus The arc, in the subtle arc, can also show the affinity of bamboo furniture and people. Arcs such as a, b, c, and e in Figure (2-1) are often used in chair armrests, backrests, and foot lines. The composition of the line is designed to be rhythmic

The shape of bamboo furniture is mainly linear, and the skeleton line is in order, never

The messy, online organic combination shows the charm of bamboo furniture. As shown

(2-3) The square table of the grid, the line composition of the table is mainly embodied in

The shape of the legs: the table and the bottom are combined with double bamboo strips.

The perimeter of the frame, and the middle of the bamboo case and the bottom of the raft is a single traverse

The regular "two one two" type. The original design of the design is to strengthen the desktop

Combined with the bamboo legs, and then short between the two measurements and the three measurements

Old support or lattice decoration, the line structure of this dwarf or decorative lattice

It also reflects the beauty of the pattern, which will be discussed in the second part. In addition,

These supports and decorations make the tabletop and the three sides of the whole

To the effect of breaking the monotony of the legs.

2.1.2 The characteristics of the combination of skeleton bamboo segments The rhythm of the joints rich points (2-5)

The joints of the bamboo and rattan furniture skeletons are often entangled and joined, and the joints are bare, and the surface has obvious traces of manual styling, showing a simple appearance quality. In addition, if the wrap around the cane skin is neglected, the texture of the light cane skin and the bamboo segment will be able to highlight the wrap point, and it is easy to lead the viewer's vision to this point to form the center of the force. These points are spread over the facade of the furniture, making the whole piece of furniture look dynamic. Its tangled shape is shown in Figure (2-5). The end of the joint protrudes and becomes furniture

Part of the styling

The force skeleton of bamboo furniture is often combined with the arching method.

Made of some highly technical product skeletons or

The lattice pattern is mostly made of rods, t-frames, crosses,

L-shaped frame, etc. Comply with these structural forms,

In the shape of furniture, there are many end-of-the-end

Flower truss, bookshelf, upper end of the leg

Chairs, official hat-type washstands, etc., as shown in Figure (2--6).

These shapes are all natural and should be natural.

Give people a feeling of straightening up, some give people no

Add a touch of quaint feeling, and so on. Smooth and smooth wiring

For the long line type, there is no revealing person.

Traces of machining, as shown in Figure 2 (2-2),

It’s natural to use the length of the bamboo section to hold the head, the handrail,

Connected with the goose neck and the front leg of the chair, showing a natural arc

Degree, humanized concept performance, feels no

Picky and smooth, it seems to be compliant with the body and natural

Deductive combination.


2.2 Morphological characteristics of the surface layer

The top layer of bamboo furniture is the most exposed part of furniture, and it is also the most abundant part of its interpretation. The surface layer is widely used, generally bamboo, bamboo raft, rattan, bamboo raft, wood board, plywood, fiberboard, plastic board, different materials to produce different structural forms, but also create different surface modeling

feature. Now the specific composition of the surface layer is divided into strips,

It is described in three categories, namely, wearing a pattern and a sticker.

2.2.1 Strip type surface morphology

This surface layer is composed of bamboo rows arranged to form a surface.

Clean and bright, emphasizing the uniformity of the lines, reflecting the order

Beauty, beautiful, and generous. Such a strip

The faces of the block parts are generally regular planes.

What shape, mostly used for bamboo pillows, bamboo recliner seat panels, rack homes

With a panel, as shown in Figure (2-7), a, b. In addition, block type

The top layer also often appears as a curved surface. Or some of the same

Straight bamboo strips of various sizes arranged in a curved surface, or

The curved strips of bamboo are combined with the curved surface to match the bone.

The line shape of the frame forms a variety of enclosed virtual bodies, which appear round, (2-7)

The unique furniture surface of the ellipse or crescent is dynamic, as shown in (2-7)c, the bamboo slats are common in bamboo loungers; in Figure (1-5), the bamboos with the seat and backrest are common. The chair, the eclectic surface layer makes the furniture look lively and brisk.

2.2.2 wearing surface layer form

The surface layer is surrounded by rattan, bamboo raft, and other linear parts, and presents a different shape according to the straightness of the skeleton line. It is a widely used surface layer structure in bamboo furniture, and is also a model of fine workmanship. The pattern of knotting and weaving has experienced the absorption and refinement of the craftsmen of the past generations, and gradually formed a set of braided shapes with delicate lines and delicate composition. Whether it is sitting on the furniture, storage furniture or relying on furniture, its application is very extensive. Weaving a lot of patterns, such as herringbone flower weaving, equilateral six-sided flower weaving, typo pattern weaving, cross flower weaving, diamond flower knitting, etc., not only give people a rigorous, but also a linear combination of changes. The high and low density, the left and right slanting and right-handed staggered line shape, constitutes a strong classical style, is a rich piece of furniture in the history of Chinese art.

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