In order to further strengthen the Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Industry Cluster with Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Co., Ltd. as its core, Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Industry Group brought together packaging materials and resource recovery related to the “Zhijiang” brand wine brewing industry. The logistics and distribution, beverage processing and other multi-industry supporting development, in the fairy industrial park, Zhijiang Economic Development Zone, invested 150 million yuan to build an annual output of 50 million pottery bottles and 80 million small glass bottles and other wine packaging containers project.

On July 29, the author learned from the Zhijiang City Bureau of Economy and Commerce that the pre-approval of the name of the ceramic bottle packaging project of Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Industry Co., Ltd., the registration of industrial and commercial registrations, and the handling of organization code numbers have been completed, and the land and real estate transfer procedures are being processed. The EIA work is coming to an end.

The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of investment of 100 million yuan, the production of pottery products, can achieve sales of 200 million yuan, profits and taxes of 60 million yuan; the second phase of investment of 50 million yuan, the production of small glass bottles, can achieve sales income of 80 million yuan, profits and taxes 2200 Ten thousand yuan. After the completion of the first and second phases, the total annual output reached 130 million bottles (high, medium and low-grade products) of pottery containers, small glass bottles and other alcoholic beverage containers. The annual sales income can reach 280 million yuan, profits and taxes of 82 million yuan, and nearly 1,000 jobs.

Reprinted: Chinese bottle net

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