The method for manufacturing the fast reheat bottle-grade PET resin is: dispersing micron-sized carbon black in EG in the presence of a dispersant, adding nanoscale Fe2O3 particles and metal Sb to obtain a carbon black-mixed slurry Then, in the presence of the polymerization catalyst and the toner, a PTA, EG, isophthalic acid polymer raw material slurry is prepared, and the carbon black slurry and the polymer raw material slurry are added to the reactor to obtain an addition. The mixture is then esterified and polymerized in the presence of a heat stabilizer to produce a fast reheat PET resin.

Source: Polyester Industry

Bow Limb Stands are designed to let your bow rest against it while not in use. These Bow Stands are helpful while out on the range or in the field.

Bow stands help to keep your bow safe from unwanted wear and tear- while it is not in use.

Some stands may be customizable, to give shooter the look they desire.

Bow Stands

Bow Stands, Bow Limb Stands, Mathews Bow Stands

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