Name of the patented packing box mats Patent applicant Shanghai Xu Electronics Glass Co., Ltd. Principal applicant Address 200237 Inventor of 1111 Laohujing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Song Jiangang; Yin Shengdong; Lu Ming Application (Patent) No. 200420110807.2 Date of Application 2004.12 .07 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 2755021 Audit Notice Date 2006.02.01 Specification CD-ROM D0605-1 Main Classification Number B65D19/26(2006.01) I Classification Number B65D19/26(2006.01)I Division Original Application No. The utility model discloses a packing box mat board comprising an upper board (1), a lower board (2) and a pile (3) located therebetween for connecting two upper and lower boards, the upper and lower boards each including a longitudinal board and a transverse board. It is characterized in that the longitudinal plate and the transverse plate of the lower plate are coplanar, and the length of the peg is such that the longitudinal plate and the transverse plate of the lower plate are each fixed thereon. The beneficial effect is that the longitudinal plates and the transverse plates of the lower board can be arranged to be coplanar and are each directly nailed to the piles so as to maintain the flatness of the bottom, while also eliminating the prior art embedded boards, making each of the mats The use of wood on the board has been reduced by 10%.

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