5~ This biaxially oriented heat-resistant polyester bottle has a high pouring temperature of 115 ° C, and its production method is: first made into a parison, and then in the mold will parison heating and biaxial orientation, at 160 ~ 240 ° C and 0. 5 ~ At 4 MPa, the hot gas is blown for 0.5-5 s. Then, the cold gas is blown at less than 100°C until the bottle cools below 100°C, the mold is opened, and the bottle is removed.

Source: Polyester Industry

Equip with a cargo bed or basket that make our golf carts more practical for these peoples with demand of place on the golf carts for stuff transportation,like luggages,,etc, you can also custom the cargo bed to do a harder work,this mainly mean transport much heavier stuffs, our ulitity vehicle realy capable for all these due to its big power motor equiped and we can increase its torque should you need it for heavy work,like farm work by reducing its max speed a little bit, also the size and shape of the cargo bed or basket can be custom made, however,we would better suggest our gas powered utiltiy car should you intend it for heavy work.

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